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Terms And Conditions

Keepit Music website has Terms and Conditions we expect anyone who want to use Our website to learn and be aware of the simple rules we have sent in place to govern our News Platform. Please Pay attention to Our terms and Conditions because violating them may lead to penalization which Might include being Banned from reading and Uploading News Articles.

1- Respect Everyone

We Value and respect everyone regardless of Race, skin, religion, or belief. We Expect the same from you. Do not consider your self More important than others that you disregard them in your Comments or the articles you submit to Our platform. Remember , If you send an article that has no ethical values we are not going to accept it or we shall block your account.

2- No Racism

Again, No racist comments on Our platform Do not call any one name, we believe everyone was made equal and no one is more important than the other, so if we find your article or attitude portrayed in comments or the things you submit to us we will block you.

3- No Copyright Materials

Please make sure everything you post here has not been posted somewhere else , or we won't accept it, Do not copy material from other websites and paste them here , if we find you doing that you will be banned from forever accessing Keepit Music.

4-No adult Content

We have made a free for all platform yet we do not allow you to Upload Adult Content, We want this to be a website welcoming to every age, and we do not expect you to upload Naked Pictures, Naked pictures are not allowed on our platform anything that is above +18 is not allowed. If we find you violating our standards we will ban you.

5-Only Post relevant Publications

We value Quality over quantity , You need to post things that have value or else we won't accept your publications. We recommend post that center around Business, technology, Fashion, Breaking News, Politics, trending stories, Public personality, News or articles that carry weight that have value , you know the find of things that have value and carry weight. We recommend Articles to have at least 500 words.