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Food Research Lab is a Global Contract R&D Food, Beverages & Nutraceutical Lab providing solutions to Food, Beverages and Nutraceuticals (F, B&N) industries worldwide. Food Research Lab is the unit of Guires Group. With years of experience in research, especially in medical devices, pharmaceutical regulations, food product development, scientific publications and clinical trials, Guires Group has ventured into food research forming a separate unit under the brand name of ‘Food Research Lab’ to drive food & Nutraceuticals innovations forward. Food Research Lab brings together the latest advances in food processing equipment, expert food scientists, chefs, nutritionists and partners from across the globe to help food, beverage & nutraceutical companies and entrepreneurs get their products to market quickly and effectively. Food Research Lab makes your dream concept a commercial product, integrating our strong knowledge of ingredients and processing techniques to help you make the right decisions.

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