Why you should avoid sending your music Mp3 files through WhatsApp

WhatsApp isn't honestly for Musicans to share there music files on. Read this article to understand why.

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As Someone who loves the internet and almost every new innovation that comes with it . I find it heart breaking to see Musicans send their music files through an app called WhatsApp. This habit is bad and unjustifiable. I fail to understand why someone would even go through the trouble of doing something so bad ? But I guess there has been a lack of  knowledge and insight on the part of the sender and the receiver on why they shouldn't send music files (addressing Musicans). In this article I will tell you why it's not right to go through sending someone as a Musican your audio files through WhatsApp and suggest to you alternative ways to send a music file.

What goes down when Musicans send their audio files?

Sending through WhatsApp might seem fast and efficient , hardly stressing , when you simply open your phone, press that send Documents icon and locate an audio and after that you search for your music file by simply typing " Selena Gomez" imagining you were Selena Gomez and then you send to the person who's requesting the file.

I understand this is the sad situation that is undoubtedly common in with  Malawian Musicans and most certainly the habit might be common elsewhere in the world. I strongly oppose such behavior because so much is wrong here , I will tell you why it is bad for Musicans to practice such things, the illusion is, you want to gain some publicity but let's be honest , you are sharing the music file to a customer and it's most likely for free and there is so much you are losing.

The reasons why you shouldn't share as a Musican music files through WhatsApp

1.What's app is end to end an encrypted

When you are sending the files of cause it simply just goes to that fan and no one else, completely no one I guess it's what you want but is it really good for you? Unless that person is someone who's editing it or doing some final touches to your work of art but sending music files to a fan via WhatsApp is a waste of meaningful resources as Data that leaves us to our other reason.
 2. You send the music files (mp3) for free.

It is like you are giving away your on hard work for free? How do you expect to earn a living through free distribution of your music audio or videos when you are passing them on through and end to end encrypted message application? This shall definitely hinder your earning rate and soon you risk wasting time  and resources. Now that I have made this evident to you let's go to the other Reason.

 3. There are a number of great music distribution websites and applications out there.

These websites and applications are there for you as a Musican, and the best you can do for yourself is upload your music on the platforms. Simply sign up , create an account , fill in your details and upload your music files . Get the link of your track and then you can share that track to people on WhatsApp. What you want to do is for them to find you through the link you have sent them and not necessarily you sending to one person your music audio because it would be a very big waste of time.

 The following are some of the music distribution websites that you should take a look at

 1.  Spotify: This is  the best website which can use to distribute your music of cause it comes with a charge but you will start to feel much relieved when  you get rewarded once someone buys or streams your Content.

 2. SoundCloud: This is the second best place to have your music at, it's a safe heaven. A place for your songs and not WhatsApp. On SoundCloud you will expose your self to Millions and Billions of users and all these could turn into your fans,but sharing Music files via WhatsApp is not ideal, trust me . The best choice could be signing up for SoundCloud ,get over 100 minutes of audio upload time and upload the track and later share the link to the Music can who wanted it. 
The benefits of this are endless, exposure and even when he decides to say something good about it on the SoundCloud Platform it will be there for quite a very long time. I'm just going to list the last 2, which are on position 2 and 2 cause you definitely get the gist
 3.  Apple Music: Owned by apple
 4. Deezle

 4. WhatsApp music files eats up phone space

Unless you own an iPhone this might not be a big problem for you but if you are an Android user and you have low phone memory it's a horrible idea to send anyone your audio files or music files through it. The Questions you should ask your self are: how many are you going to send? And to how many people?  Every time you are sending that music file it's eating up space both in your phone and yours as well, so you strongly need to wisely avoid this by at least joining the websites I have told you about and forwarding a website  link rather than the actual file is a thousand times more beneficial.


I hope this has opened your eyes to stop a habit which you thought might have not been wrong yet it was. All Musicans should learn to stop wasting time and focus on things that will lead to there development rather than drugging them down. So the habit of using WhatsApp to share your music files as a Musican is very bad for you, and your Music career. When you stay Way from such a habit and keep yourself Control Only forwarding the website links rather than going through hell Into sending a whole audio file  you might get yourself engagement on useful platforms where everything matters.


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