What Is The Best Google AdSense Alternative

Google AdSense alternative is Adsterra. read This interesting article to learn why this might be so

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In the ad publisher business there are several ad providers  you are going to meet but in this article I will take about 2 ad providers and my experience with them . We shall take a look at Adsterra and Google AdSense. and select our pick on which one is the best for You.

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is Googles ad publisher. It is the most sort after ad provider in the whole world. Getting approval at times is very hard and alots of people want to be approved by them. Others even pay people around 5 dollars to get approved.  It topically takes around 1-2 weeks to be approved by Google AdSense. 

The advantage of Google AdSense

Google AdSense pays well, about 1$ for every 1,000 viewers on your site and alot of people have made about $100 with it within a day. Google AdSense does target people and it usually works well does it's job very well.

Disadvantages of Google AdSense

Google AdSense might be all sweet but this doesn't make it 100% realible. For instance Google AdSense is very demanding. It requires SEO Ranking for you to earn and make money with it or else they will regrad what ever you do as invalid traffic and  your progression  will be hindered.

You need to understand concepts like Music SEO and learn how to rank on Google or else you shall be personalised get punishment like ad limit and ads shall stop being displayed on your music platform.

Now let's look at the best AdSense Alternative (Adsterra)

Adsterra might work best for your Music Website, it's ads are nice and they pay very well and you might love them I for instance managed to earn about 14$ in less than 5hours while with the same performance on AdSense I only managed to earn 6$. So AdSense does pay very well depending own your traffic quality you can make a lot of money.

Advantages of Adsettera

Adsterra has a couple of advantages over AdSense

They have a refferal system
They do not mind on the amount of traffic rather the quality
They can pay you more for less imagine 600 impressions and you banking $14
They have over 4 payment methods 

  • PayPal minium $100
  • Bitcoin minimum $100
  • Wiretranfer minimum $1000
  • And two other payment system which have a minimum withdraw of $5

There community response is very fast.

Adsterra is fast instant and powerful. But it also had it's disadvantages

For instance,when there alogorthim learns that your traffic was Sometimes high and suddenly low they might also pernalise you and lower revenue so you might start earning very low while you are working your bones out.


Try all these ads providers and select what best suits your test. Try both of them and make a choice based on your own personal experience. But if you would ask us what the best AdSense alternative is ? We I'll tell you it's adsterra.

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