Twitter Records Highest Earning Gain Even After Permanently Removing Former USA present Dolnad Trump

Twitter social media website has earned alot of money and is now enjoying over 100 million daily users on its Platform despite blocking and removing Trump

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Former President of The United States of America  Trump was Removed from The social  Media Gaint Twitter for Violating It's User polices and This made the platform to go forward with a historical move of permanently Removing Trump from the platform. At the closer of Trump's Account he had over 90 million people following him yet Twitter on his 3rd quarter earnings it shows that it has earned and made more than it has ever earned.

How much has Twitter earned

The results that Twitter realised showed that it has earned over 28% made about 1.3million us dollars. Results that the Twitter company is happy with and might have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic local downs and even the case of Dornad Trump's Account which might have made Twitter a lot popular than to a lot of people who had not shown interest in at first.

How Many Daily Twitter Did Twitter Record?

Twitter recorded over 122 million daily Visitors, a record high for the social media platform. This raise in daily users might be due to the impact of corona Virus and the National look downs that have Impacted people across the groble. In 2020 and early this year the world has seen a raising number of internet usage and internet companies have benefited a lot from this development. Facebook, Amazon, and even The Crypto currency Bitcoin have all broken their own records when it comes to making profit.

Twitter company Founder words

The Founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey Said the currect development of 3% raise in shares and adverting revenue is a trend.

Twitter has also seen it's share prices raise up to 3% and it wants to also make some changes to it's advertising revenue and try to monetorilize it's traffic more and more, making it more profitable yet trying to Maintain a very good user experience.

Was Trump good for Twitter?

Trump the 45th president of the United States of America, was he good for the Twitter Platform? Trump's Account had over 90 Million followers and almost every he posted reached  million of people, but  he was under fire when Twitter started censoring his Twitter profile fact checking his words and later passed a verdict to  Permanently remove him  on the platform a move that went forward on 12 Jan 2021.

So, has Twitter benefited from Trump? Trump has been quite controversial when it comes to his relationship with the social media Gaint . He used to post alot and many people viewed and engaged with his posts but they were not always received with open arms as they proved to be controversial and always fell subject to Cencorship and fact checking. Twitter by going forward with the to permanently remove Dolnad Trump has not impacted the platform gravely, as it has showed a record amount of daily users and daily revenue despite the Platform losing some of its users who were Trump supporters.

Who's using this platform as of Today

Not many youngstars use Twitter, Twitter has its own unique niche made up of music super Stars and celebrities like Rihinna and even the currently richest man in the whole wide world 'Elon Musk'  Twitter is a very powerful tool and most are using it to influence people or even control the markets. Post from Elon Musk and even A post made By Rihanna influenced a response from what was going on in India during the protest of Indian Farmers.

Elon Musk as well loves using Twitter and his recent posts on Dogge Coin and The world famous Crypto currency Bitcoin have been affecting the Crypto market and aiding it's approval and awareness
Since he has over 30 Million followers and what ever he says eventually becomes news.

Musicans Rihanna has over 100 million followers on the platform as of to date.

Inclusion, Twitter as a private company is strong and shall remain strong if things stay the same and they keep on making changes and difficult discussions rightly. Their move of taking down Trump's Account must have taken guts and it must have frustrated them by far it was historically courage's and shall have unavailable consequences. Twitter today is enjoying a record number of users but from where it goes from here we do not know how things will go from here but we have to wait and see how things go from here.

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  • Twitter Records Highest Earning Gain Even After Permanently Removing Former USA present Dolnad Trump
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