Trump will Create His own Social Media Website For His 78 Million Followers

This might help Trump secure 2024 victory if he really does froward and creates his own Social media

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It has taken him a while to realise he had the potential to do it, truth be told I always wondered when he was going to take a bold step in making his own Platform.

Trump was suffering under other Platforms

Former president of the United States Dolnad Trump suffered alot on other Platforms like Facebook where even a group of his supporters which had over 2 Million members in just 2 months was shut down by the Tech Gaint.

Facebook even had a comitte that was monitoring what Trump was posting and often times it was deleted or in other words Censored

Other social media platforms that Censored Trump's action and words

Twitter was the first ever Platform to Permanently ban Trump from it's platform after his controversial tweets were Censored and claimed to lead to Washington DC riots. Twitter was also the first ever Platform to put a fake news alert on Dolnad Trump who was apparently the acting president of the nation before the 2020 election which saw him lose to his rival Joe Biden.

Before he was Banned from Twitter former president Trump has over 90 million followers on Twitter and he was very active on the platform which made others even believe the presence of trump on the platform helped Twitter to become a platform it is Today.

YouTube censoring Trump

YouTube also censored the former president account after the riots which occurred. When the riots happened other people wanted to pin them on Trump's controversial words so much so that there was a Senate vote for impitcement but some how Trump survived that trial.

He also made history of being the first ever president of the United States of America to be impitcrd more than twice.

YouTube will soon left the ban on Trump's Censored channel but it is very unclear when he will be active on it again.

Reddit Censoring Trump

Reddit Platform also Censored a popular page on its Platform which was called The Dolnad. In their statement Reddit Said it took down the page because it was spread fake news and violated policies and it's policies

The way Trump has changed How Politics is Viewed with Social media

Trump has obviously changed the way politics works on social media, his actions his works and his attitude, and dealing with social media has made Social Media as a tool of communication reform on how it handles politics.

Facebook went through several change itself making, changes to it's algorithm and taking down Political groups from showing in news feeds and even  taking down posts that don't suit their narrative

Twitter on the other hand, it's first big change was adding a fact check on Trumps posts which is something that has never been done to any siting President since the introduction of Social media in this world.

Trumps blocking even inspired Platforms to rise

When Trump was blocked on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. it opened up room for others to shine. His supporters wanted new space to share their ideologies, concepts and even conspiracies and a new social media called Parler so unexpected rise in growth and user engagement.

Parler received Backlash from Amazon and other Tech Giants and was almost forced to shut down

Being a platform for free speech and freedom. Parler saw itself rise above the rank above every application in apple store as millions of people Downloaded it to Express their views without facing Censorship as they normally would get on Facebook and Twitter. Yet while this was the case the majority of those people were Trump supporters who felt that their was some form of injustice to them, so they went were they would be accepted

Those this was the case Parler become subject to Censorship as well, For Instance Amazon took down it's Website hosting services and made a statement that it was violating policies and didn't won't to change.

Apple following what Amazon Did

Apple again took down Parler from it's app store, the move made the application an reachable, and the website was forced to temporarily shut down.

Where is Parler now?

Parler has bounced back and is now active, but it made a slow start to regrain it's ground. Still popular with Trump supporters but this time around Trump wants to come back with a platform of his on.

How will it benefit Trump to own his own We Social media Website

Trump will definitely benefit from it, remember his Networth has suffered a lot from all the things that occured and him being the center of the negative energy. It's even  estimated that Trump has lost over 24% of his Networth dropping with $600 million according to fordes

He usually makes money from his hotels, but business has been hit hard by the Corona Virus pandemic. In addiction a major event that was suppose to be hosted in  one of his goft Grounds has been cancelled.

The people in charge of the event said , it would affect their image if they decide to go ahead.

Another thing that read to his Networth going down is the fact that, a bank that had been in parternership with him and even helped him out when he was facing bankruptcy has decided to leave him and stop doing business with him.

Trump come back to social media with his own social media Website will bring new life to his 78 Million Followers

Trump owning is own social media Website is  something of a dream for his followers, they have suffered a lot trying to voice out their views in places were they were never really welcomed and the Censorship was by far very intense.

Trump new social media Website will definitely spark life into the Donald Trump 78 Million fun base.

It was his followers who broke the record on Facebook for having a group that had reached over 2 million members in  just a few day!.

Even with Censorship the group kept on growing and Growing!

Trump might even see his Networth rise if he goes on with this idea of making his own social media Website come true.

It might even secure him Victory in 2024 for he will have 78 Million people strong and maybe more

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