Trump Meme Goes Viral On Facebook Months After He Loses the Presidency

Trumps miss me yet meme goes viral on Facebook. Share and liked more than 2,000 times. The image can be seen if you press the next button from this article. This is a Trump viral meme, miss me yet picture

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Trump, the 45th president of the United States who lost to his rival Joe Biden, had his "Miss me Yet?" meme go viral

Trump Still Loved by the People

Trump might have lost the election but the support he has among his fans, who are numbered above 78 million, isn't close from being over.

In the same month that the mega Trump group with over 2 million people was closed on Facebook, one might think the energy died out. But it hardly died out. Remember that energy never disappears; it just gets converted from one form to another.

In this case, the memory of Trump found it's way to express itself through a meme.

What Was the Meme About?

The meme in question was a picture of Trump waving at his people with the caption "Miss me Yet?"

The picture had his iconic smile and his supporters who are in various Facebook groups reacted to the meme.

Why did the Trump Meme go Viral

The Trump meme went viral because it communicated to peoples' emotions and interests.

"Did you miss me?" The inquiry demanded a response and everyone of Trump's followers was willing to respond to the question with their own emotion-filled replies.

How many Reactions did the Meme Have?

In one group entitled "Joe Biden is Not My president", it had at least 5,000 Reactions and over 3,000 shares. 

The person who originally shared the meme also posted his amazement on his Facebook profile, saying "I'm so excited and amazed that this has had this much attention".

Why did Many Trump Supporters Upvote It? 

It's been months since Trump lost his presidency to Joe Biden and, for Trump supporters, America hasn't been that much the same.

They are patiently waiting for Trump to make a comeback in 2024. Anyways, that year is a long way coming and they would have to wait for years.

The meme just shows how much they miss him. They upvoted it to let the world know their state of mind as America is under the Joe Biden administration, which has promised to undo some of the things the Trump adminstration did, which it calls unethical.

Where is Trump Now?

Trump has been almost hidden from the public eye, only being spotted on a few notable occasions. 

After his banning on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, he has almost been completely silent from the world.

Trump loved using social media platforms as his megaphone and was able to directly communicate to the people. 

But after the riots, his accounts were banned and over 300 million lost touch with him as they missed seeing him post and talk endlessly on social media.

Trump was once spotted outside his Trump Hotel some time back and he also made his "Do you Miss me remarks" at a certain gathering.

Memes, and everything Trump, nowadays is always viral among his supporters.

We might expect a comeback in 2024 if Joe Biden flops since it's obvious Trump is liked, loved and still hugely respected among his followers.

If a meme with the caption "Miss Me Yet" got that much attention, it raises eyebrows on the 2024 election that is yet to come.

If Trump still maintains his grip on his supporters like this and somehow manages to earn more to his side, he might have his 2024 rerun turn into a fairy tale success.

Rumors of a new Social Media Website Owned By Trump

Trump might have been blocked from almost every well-known social media website because of how be addresses and conducts himself. And even on platforms like Facebook, they had to appoint an independent committee to monitor his posts if they appeared offensive and could be cited as possible causes of chaos.

Wanting to run away from this kind of pressure, rumors have come in that Trump might have a social media website of his own.

The social media platform might actually be a great idea and there is so much support behind him that it might literally not fail.

It might even have millions of new users in the first few days and months of its launch.

Trump Facebook Group Hits 2 million Members in 30 Days

Months ago, Trump supporters made history on Facebook, though that history was short lived due to Facebook's intense moderation.

But let's consider this kind of energy-filled scenario happening almost daily on a Trump-owned social media platform.

How huge will that be for Trump himself? Honestly it would mean great news and could even see him tighten his grip on the 2024 elections.

Facebook Fact-Checkers Cracking Down on Trump

The need for Trump to have his own personal space or a social media platform away from the mainstream social media websites has slowly become a must.

It is obvious from the viral meme, the viral group engagement, the numerous groups that exist with thousands of people, all who claim to be Trump followers, that Trump is dearly missed.

Facebook on the other hand, it's censorship has grown and it targets political groups, political posts and almost takes down anything about Trump whenever it has the chance to moderate.

With only a few moderation checks, the biggest political group on Facebook disappeared. 

Websites as well that carry a positive narrative towards Trump get their URLs banned from being posted on the platform. It's quite chaotic when you are in favor of Trump on Facebook, which is clearly against all things Trump.

Trump Meme Carries Weight

The Donald Trump meme carries weight; it shows a lot. It shows that Trump still has support and influence, and also how resilient Trump supporters are and how passionate they are for their leader.

If he continues to inspire in his absence how inspiring will Trump be once he comes back with a possible platform of his own? 

It's a question to raise eyebrows.


The reaction to the viral meme that asked the question "Miss Me Yet?" proved not just the words, "yes we miss you", rather it went all the way to answer unasked questions and might be evidence of a strong comeback if Trump keeps the momentum going.

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