Trump has pardoned Lily Rapper Lily Wayne on His last Day in Office

Trump has pardoned hip hop singer Lily Wayne on his last full day in the oval office.

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Soon to Be former president Donald Trump has pardoned Rapper Lily Wayne who was Jailed and faced a possible sentence of 10 years for being found in position of a gun in a private Jet while he as heading to Miami in December 2020.

Trump has shown sympathy to a lot other offender about 73 people.Lily Wayne including, 

Who's Lily Wayne?

Lily Wayne who's real name is
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr was born on September 23 ,1985. Alot of music funds regard Lily Wayne to be among one of the influencial music hip hop artists of this generation . Lily first made his mark in 1995 when he was signed by Birdman into Cash Money Records while he was aged just 12. At that time he made history for being the youngest member of the group, but at present he has in 2018 he decided to leave the record label.

Lily Wayne Music Career

Lily Wayne  has sold of over
120 million records world wide and about 15 million albums
And 15 digital tracks in the United States of America Making him among the world most successful selling artist of all Times.

Some of the Awards he has won

1. He was won Five Grammy awards

2. Four Billboard Music awards

3. Eleven Bet Awards

4. Two MTV music Awards

5. Right   NAACP Image Awards.

Lily Wayne history of arrests and Arrests and incarceration

In 2007 , the Rapper was arrested for being in position of having a  controlled substance,the arrest happened after a performance at Qwest  in Georgia. The felony Charges were later Dropped when it was known that there had been a mix up.

In 2008, Lily Wayne and four others were arrested  and his tour bus was stopped. On this occasion he was charged with  four felonies which included being possession of a Gun (Ak-9) 105 grams of Marijuana, another drug called ecstasy, and also being found with $22,000 cash. At the time he was granted to stay out of custody for a fee of $10,000 provided and was also allowed to stay out of states.

In 2017 after a performance at Bacon threater Lily Wayne was caught and arrested for smoking Marijuana and he was taken into costudy. Police after searching him found out that he was also in position with a gun which was registered to his manager.

On October 22, 2009 .Lily Wayne and 11 other people were detained in Texas for being found in possession of Marijuana in two of there tour buses.

On October 12, 2020. Lily Wayne pleaded guity for being in possession of firearms which he was trying to transport on a private Jet brought against him by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. 

As a convicted felony he was convited of being in position of having such weapons

Now on 19 January 2020, Trump was pardoned Lily Wayne and 73 other offenders in his last full in the oval office.


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