Trump Doesn't Really Need Facebook, Rather His own Platform and these are the Reasons why

Trump story isn't over yet, in fact he might just come back in 2024 stronger than before. Our Data shows that even in Trump isn't allowed back on Facebook, the moment he makes his Social Media Platform a reality. It would break Records. In fact Trump might not even need Facebook and read the reasons why we think so.

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Trump, the 45th president of the United States, love to use social media and using it's influence, he managed to bypass the mainstream media base and directly communicated to his people. 

He was in history the first ever president to redefine commucation in this way, and he made himself the center of untold attention after being able to attract over  88 million Twitter followers and over 50 million on his Facebook page.

Trump Was Ultra-Famous Across all Social Media Platforms

Trump's influence was far reaching, not only in his own country, but everywhere else in the world, to a point where people followed him just to read what he had to say and be a part of the action.

Trump was posting almost frequently and everything that talked about Trump was by far the most viewed and most shared thing on social media, most especially Facebook.

Trump a Political Superstar Across all Platforms

Trump had multiple pages on different platfroms, like Reddit. On Reddit he had a subreddit called the_donald. At the moment it's banned from ever posting anything but it too had almost a millions  followers. 

Does Trump Really Need to Return to Facebook or Make his Own Social Media Platform?

Trump has a large following. Millions of people could join his social media platform if he would dare make one, and they could enjoy being there with the leader they adore.

Numerous signs have shown that despite his apparent loss of the 2020 presidential election to rival Joe Biden, former president Dolnad Trump can still come back strong.

His Followers Broke a Facebook Record for the Fastest Growing Group

On Facebook, he seemed to have his most powerful Influence of all, but even if he wasn't there to directly influence people to do anything 
Trump always seemed to find his way to grow and appealed to many people.

For instance a facebook group for Trump supporters called “Joe Biden is not my President” grew  to 1 million members in literally 15 days.

It was a record breaking growth rate for any group that had ever excited on Facebook. The group was totally taking storm and got banned for violations that involved management.

People Will Go Where Trump Goes

His followers have been seeking a place where his voice could be heard without censorship. Without any form of judgment, they are certain he will be careful with what he says because of the incident of the capitol hill riots, but it's certain Trump shall definitely come back strong. After all, he has a million people who support him.

Facebook 20 Member Committee Banned Trump

A Facebook committee set up by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg banned Trump's main Facebook page after the capitol hill riots and his supporters have also faced their own share of censorship when they share content that might just not suit Facebook agenda.


Trump social media Website could be very successful as if it ever happens,  because Trump has untold support throughout the World. And despite Facebook and other social media Websites taking him down on their platfroms this might fuel the success of a new social media Website provided he takes the inciativate to make one.

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