The reason why Facebook might be censoring Trump  Supporters groups

Facebook has at the moment been Censoring Political groups , but I think we should understand that as a company it is in a hard place ethically trying to control possible situations when there platform could be used for violence or sharing false information

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I apologise for writting this for a second time now but the first post I posted has been  Censored, I do not know why, but my posts are not written to incite violence . Do not take them the wrong way I do not publish things that are hate speech this is just an opinion piece.

Facebook removing posts

I understand completely that to be on Facebook we have to comply to the rules that Facebook has for it is a private plaftom and it has rules which keep it together and the tension that is around politics is always a touch task to ask of a anyone when it comes to monitoring what people see and read in terms of a what is moral and right.

What was my article about

My post was among the many series of posts that I was publishing on what was going on in terms of a viral group that was taken down for propably breaking one or more Facebook community groups. The group was said to be the 24th largest Facebook on Facebook with over 2.2 million members and about 350k joining daily 

My article was an opinion piece citing the events that lead to the closers of the group , were I addressed Several key aspects to the astonishing growth and fall of the Titan group.

The America people should Take heart

The American people should take heart, politics always has a winner and someones one who came out short, we don't know for certain wether the claims made about fraud are real of fake but for peace to reign people must learn to unite for a beta tomorrow be strong and soon everything shall be beta. Violence does not build a nation and politics Should be handled with caution and integrity should never by any chance leave us for a moment.


My article on the the group has been taken down but I understand that I was addressing a sensitive topic that might have seen bad for others while others enjoyed it it's hard to address these issues , since ethics differ from culture to culture and person to people but in a way I trust Facebook that it is trying to do it's best to Keep the people of American and anyone in this world safe in the way they see fit

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