The Elections And Donald Trump

The 2020 USA election had not gone Trumps way, because of a lot of factors, Yet Trump is yet to accept the fact that he has lost.

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Trump And The USA Elections

We had no idea about the aftermath of the elections, Even trump himself is in shock on how the unexpected results came in, so much so that he still believes his counter part Joe Biden. Or Sleepy Joe as he likes to call him as won by a land side accumulating more than 78 million votes . thats according to the offical reports . Posted on Washiton post.

It hurts being a Trump supporter and watching your caardinate leave in constant denial failing to move on and constanlty calling the winner a cheater, making claims that dead people have voted, and that they were technical issues with the voting machines. Of course some investigations have been made , but haven't yieded to the direct expextions of president Trump as he sees President elect-Joe Biden make his way into office as time goes by.

Trump Lost the Reelection

Trump has lost the reelection, it was honestly hard to see him pull off a miraclous victiory on this one. Based on the facts that the odds where not on his favor. The election just happened at the worst possible moment. At a time when Trump admistraction had no proper resonce to the COVID-19 VIrus. At a time when their was the Black Lives Matter Movement. All these things honestly put trump on a bad light and to compound matters he still had not resolve the trade deals with china, their was no vrirus coming up in addition, He compounded matters by even trying to take down TIKTOK .  The election happened at the worst possible time. A time when Trump despite beating the expections of the polls wouldn;t reclaim his possition as The 45th president of the United States Of America.

What is Trump Doing Now?

Trump at the moment is still using the little influence he has to inform the general public that Joe Biden is a cheater. And Instead of people pointing at Trump as a threat to American Democary they should look and criticize the real Danger who happems to be Joe Biden. But as time goes, the American People are finally lettinng go , and slowly adjusting to accept a new goverment that promises to undo most of the things that Trumps admistraction has done. 

Joe Biden shall be the Oldest sitting president in the history of the USA currectly his aged 78 . and the Vice president Elect is also making history on her own since she shall be the first ever female vice president in America (Kamela Harris) The pair are expected to site in office and start office duties on 20 January 2021.


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