The 3 Music Artists you don't won't your Children to Copy behavior From this 2021

Here is a list of our pick of the 3 most devious music artists of 2021. Music Artists who's names you don't won't your children to copy behavior from. These names are infamous and for all the good reasons the likes of Kanye West, ( Lil Nas X) The 21 year old Satanist Musicans and The rapper with A 24 million diamond on his head (Lil Uzi Vert )

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Music artists have been role models for many people around the world. Others have saved people from depression the likes of NF and Justin Berber sing songs that inspire people and bring out the best in them.

But the list of the top 3 music artists I'm going to show you will make you wish you can do something to hide these people's influence from your own children.

Music as a tool for change in both positive and negative ways

Music can be used to change attitudes but this fact goes both sides, some songs can be very devastating to peoples personality and the influence is much felt on Kids than it is on grown ups, simply because kids are just developing a Metality and can easily copy what they think is cool.

The 3 worst Musicans you wouldn't want your kids to copy from this 2021

1.The music artists with A 24 million US Dollar Diamond on his head

Yes, Lil Uzi Vert   actually had an implantation of a diamond that is worth over 23 million USD on his head. To make it worse it's visible and definitely looks like a third Eye.  It's stuff of nightmares you wouldn't definitely like your kids to copy shall lavishing behavior being Christian or not this kind of behavior is simply not acceptable.

The diamond that's on his head might be harmful to him in so many ways

Their is a risk that others would actually see a price on his head and his just walking around with it

In addiction he also risks medical injuries or some complications might happen due to the fact that it's unnatural for a human being to carry something like a diamond Stone on his head.

Yet Rapper Lil Uzi Vert  went forward to do just that, make sure you keep your kids from his influence you have no idea what today's kids might want to copy from their idols.

2. The second artists on our list is Nil Nas

The artists with Bloody satanic Shoes that have actually human blood. The shoes were on sale for over 1,000 dollars each and despite being in a law suit with Nike . The music artists and the brand he was presenting managed to Sale all the shows to the point when they were out of stock.

Nil Nas considers himself to be in the illuminate and among the Satanic Elites. He openly talks bad about God and always puts Satanic symbolism in each and his every music videos.

For example in his lastest video he was shown being chased from heaven and falling down to earth and  rulling hell.

His Facebook page shows him as Cupid and almost naked, it's quite distrubing but it's the reality in which we live in. He is shown holding a love arrow pointing it somewhere and his body isn't covered at all. The only thing that keeps us from seeing everything is the Facebook picture flame.

The Satanic shows have many Satanic symbolisms on them including. A Bible verse from the chapter of Luke showing them how defiant they are to God's word.

The Satanic shows even went a step farther in  having actual blood in them. It's said that the company that made them asked it's workers do donate at least a sample of blood and it was later inserted in the shows.

Why did Nike file a law suit against the shows?

Nike filed a rule suits against the shoes and Nali rapper Lil Nas X the music artists himself for copying Nike design. Nike was keen to win the rule suit and it has because they didn't won't to associate themselves with such actions.

Why you should try as much as possible to keep your kids away from the influence of rapper Lil Nas X the Satanic Musican.

The answer to this is Simple, he is a very bad influence to your children and you might not know this now yet his actions might lead your children to act in a backward way. Even in his photos he openly protrays  satanic symbols like hidding his one eye.

3.  Third on our list is Kanye West

Billionaire Kanye West who has a reported Networth of 6.1 Billion Dollars is 3rd on our list for very good reasons.

Kanye West has had an eventful  2020 and also 2021. Running for The President of the United States of America and losing to none other than Joe Biden.

Why is Musician Kanye West a bad influence to your children?

Kanye West is undoubtedly the worst role models your kids could copy behavior from at the present day.

He his biopola, his behaviors is unpredictable and he hasn't been a good father at all.

He has just recently devorced Celebrity super star khani Khadishian , after the couple went through numerous break downs.

Kanye West even had break downs on stage and at some point it was noticed that he wanted to commit Suicide. He isn't a good father to his own children he can't be a good  role model to your children.

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