Musican 'Rihanna' Has Advocated For Change For Indian Farmers on a Twitter Post

Award winning Musican Rihanna made a Twitter post to her 100 million followers advocating for change in support of Indian Farmers.

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Rihanna the award winning American vocalist who has over 100 million followers on Twitter has advocated for change regarding what is going on with the farmers in India.

Indian farmers are protesting the policies made by the government in September of 2020, the free Bill that pressure the farmers to do business with Cooperatations hasn't been received with open fact most farm assocation have voiced out their distress over the issue. And other famers have taken to the streets to voice out there opinions.

Farmers in India do not want to be forced to do business with cooperations while being Influenced by 3 parliamentaly bill.
The currect Government of Ram Nath Kovind Is in support of the 3 bill and said the protests are happening because of misinformation that has been spread amongst the farmers while the big is in reality their best interests.

The opposition party has sided with the farmers and have shown that the government of India is not paying attention to the needs of common people. These people do not won't to do business with Cooperatations the way it's been suggested in the bills. They feel suppressed and are at unease cause the currect development hinders there ability to earn and develop.

Rhinana the vocalist who was in 2020 one of the richest Musican in the world. Tweeted on the issue "Why isn't Anyone seeing this?"
Her tweet has engaged over 500k  people and it has advocated for changed giving an impression that farmers are feeling suppressed and that the world should do something about it.

Other Indian's who have seen the post which is at the moment a few hours in . Have retweeted it showing support for the vocalist, supporting her for taking sides supporting the farmers who are protesting hoping for change and that the government should abolish the 3 bills that are destructive to their farming business

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