Mohsen Fakhrizadeh A top IRANIAN scientist has been Killed By A machine gun powdered by AI

A Machine Gun powered by IA was used to shot and kill Mohsen Fakhrizadeh a top Iranian nuclear scientist

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Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was shot dead on 27 November while he was in a convoy just  outside Tehran

On Sunday, Brig-Gen Ali Fadavi informed the local media that  a machine gun mounted in a truck, had managed to fire rounds of bullets that shot and killed Mohsen Fakhrizadeh but fortunately didn't hit his wife who sat just beside him.

Iran has blamed,  neighboring Israel for the attack and also blamed exiled opposition groups that they might be the ones response for the attack. Israel on the other hand is yet to comment on the matter for it has neither denied nor accepted the acquisition.

On the day of the attack the defence minister reported saying there was a gun fight between the bodyguards of the nuclear scientist and the gun men who carried out the attack.

A witness reported seeing gun fire and two groups exchanging  bullets "two to three  people where killed and these where said to be terrorists". The witness added that there was an explosion on the scene as one Nissan pick up truck  exploded in the scene.

Speaking at the funeral of the nuclear scientist the  Head of Security said "it was a remote attack and the attackers used advanced modern technology to carry out the assault and after that he added nothing else.

Gen Fadavi, the deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards, told people at the funeral ceremony that, the assault happened with the use of a highly intelligent AI controlled mounted gun that was fired around 13 bullets that killed the scientist. The guy was said to have zoomed in and managed to shot martyr Fakhrizadeh"  and didn't shot his wife who was only 25 cm away from her husband.

The general insisted that no human assailant was present at the scene and that only 13 shots were fired that managed to kill "martyr Fakhrizadeh" and 4 of the 13 bullets struck Fakhrizadeh's head of security "as he threw himself" on the scientist, he added.

Iran's supreme leader has vowed to avenge the death of the scientist warning that ," definitive out punishment shall be exercised to those who have committed the crime."

Israel Radio warned it's citizen to be vigilant and move with care as it said they were some "Iranian elements" that  might threatened there peace.

Why was the nuclear scientist attacked

Fakhrizadeh's was in the 1889 head of an organization called  "organization   of defense  innovation and research "and the Israelites said he was also linked to another secret program and that some leaked documents showed that he was still actively working in developing unclear weapons.

High tech weapons of mass distraction a threat?

Scientist across-the-world have shown dissapoint and opposed the use of artificial intelligence for military use. For instance the mounted machine gun that was said to end Fakhizadeh life was powered by an IA that was able to lock on his face and then fire bullets that went direct . Scientist like Hawkins and 1000 others signed a partion that opposed the use of artificial intelligence in military. Yet from what the iranina are reporting we should handle this news with a healthy approach.

Why was the scientist killed?

Some believe maybe it's to stop the USA from rejoining the nuclear peace deal that was set up in 2015 when Joe Biden starts his office duties as acting president of the United States of America.

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  • Mohsen Fakhrizadeh A top IRANIAN scientist has been Killed By A machine gun powdered by AI
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