Mental Health: Fighting Demons inside the Head

This article might help those who deal with Mental break downs and suicidal thoughts when I was a kid I had struggled with the same but now I know how to approach life.

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Do you struggle with depression can't cope with what is going on around you? Mostly due to mispresations and trying to hard to impress someone or achieve something but always coming up short? We have all been there and I for once I had struggled with suicidal thoughts from a very long age, voices in side my head telling me to end my life or do something harmful to myself. This article shall cover sections that might cause depression and mental health problems , the best way you can deal with them and also share my personal experience fighting with suicidal thoughts.

Things you can associate with Mental Health

Depression, Stress, Anxiety and low self esteem are one of the things that distrub people to the point of giving them mental break downs for instance with depression you become stagnat and can't really move out of your head to do things you planned to do cause you are struck and glued on one spot Intensionally.

Depression might be caused by a lot of things for instance , a break up where your partner the one you had high hopes and dreams with dissapoints you and you can't seem  to move on from that dillema . It leaves you feeling paralysed and lost in your tracks. This state of mind is unhealthy and can cause Mental break downs that might result in other problems . Losing focus at school and not being effective at work.

Depression can also be caused by death and loss, we at one point might have dealed with this type of loss and it's something that knocks us off our two feets. Loss of a loved one like a break up hurts a different nerve and some people have found it hard to move on from such situations. Death might cause unexpected mental break downs on those who depended a lot on the diseased. I for instance Lost my mom when I was very little yet I still have the momeries of her in my head and at times I feel weak and powerless to face life knowing she's late and gone.

Similar to depression stress and anxiety is among things that cause Mental break downs in people, it's a fact we all live and enjoy being happy , it's the reason why we are born happiness is all seeks for in life and once we have it we can not trade it with anything else in the world . Stress is the exact opposite of happiness , stress is a situation of unhappiness where you forget to smile and worry about a lot of things that are dragging you down. Stress and anxiety can be caused by fincanical issues for instance failing to pay bills on time and this certainly affects how you value your self as a human or might bring about anxiety cause you might be hard on yourself trying to find ways to find money and pay the intended bills on time. Another thing that might cause stress is ,  failure to achieve goals you set out to do. 

 Things  like being rejected by a girl you whole heatedly love might affect your self esteem and you end up discrediting your own value and this leads to stress , stress to mental break downs.

Why's to resolves mental breaks downs or avoid them

Mental break downs are bad for everyone there unhappy atmospheres make things worse and unbearable,  so it's best to avoid  situations that might  cause us mental breakdowns.

Firstly try to keep busy

Always keep busy , play video games go out and play with friends who won't hurt you, your mental health matters , and you should guard it preciously, protect it as you could your eye. Staying idol might lead you to.start stressing get depressed and break down to the point of thinking about suicide.

Second thing , You Should listen to some good Music

Scientists found out that sad Music or blues  actually make you feel happy since you relate a lot to them and the meaning of life to most is happiness. So when you are down when those bills are pilling up get down and listen to some music , it will do a lot in chasing depression away and you will avoid mental break downs . 

Talk to some trusted friends or adults

In life mostly when you are a teenager you go though issues you find hard to resolve, and this makes you stagnant,it  takes in a lot of energy from you and trusting your own Strength keeping things a secret just causes a lot of harm in the long ran it might cause depression and you might become suicidal so it's best to talk to adults about what ever you are going through. They will know what to say and do, and most of the times there words go a very wrong way in Keeping you safe, so when you are done try to talk to someone older than you to chase those bad voices that are in your head telling you things like end your life.

Mental health and being suicidal

Most people in our morden world are suffering silently failing to cope with reality and  stress often gets to us . When I was little I struggled a lot with stress , fought monsters voices in my head which told me to end my life .I'm glad I didn't, no one should ever end there own life because of a bad day.

I learnt to tell my self bad day good life , do not ruin your future because of one person who didn't see your worth, because of one mistake you could not change , because of one bill you did not pay on time. When I was a kid I faced depression with prayer , I was young I prayed and asked the out comes of suicide and I heard a voice to that taught me " to see beyond what is now, to leave in the hope of a beta tomorrow"

It voice told me "I don't know what I'm doing in regards of Killin myself" and until that day on wards I have never  faced my mental break downs literally


Share to me your thoughts and views on this article, I will write more things like this based on your comments. It's a pleasure to share my personal experience I hope this shall save someone else's life .

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