Malawian Musicans and Covid-19

Malawian Musicans have been badly impacted by the pandemic and since the government has ordered no music shows to be performed the Musicans have no other alternatives to gain revenue

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Today most Musicans are in a dilemma going through the epidemic has been hard for everyone, and not to mention Musicans who mostly rely on shows to make a living out of there music. I feel for the Musicans who are going through hard times . Mostly here in Malawi it's very hard since there are less options to earn money through music . If you ask me Malawian Musicans really need our help in sustaining there lives and making it able for them to gain something out of their God given musical talent. 

How Covid-19 has affected Malawian music industry

Covid-19 has had serious implications on our Malawian music industry, and has definitely ruined our  economy. Since the first case of Covid-19 here in Malawi , the country under went several lockdowns (2 in total) and within all these lockdowns the music industry was hit the most , since performance was not allowed and shows were prohibited until the pandemic was at least under control. 

Fears of spreading Covid-19 through music 

The first lockdown slowed down the economy so much that people didn't bare the thought of it continuing as much as it was a necessity to stay in doors others wouldn't manage since the depend on daily  manual labor to make ends meet. Malawian Musicans as well most were going through the same dilemmas, " there is no Spotify here, no you can't earn through SoundCloud" "no body users apple music" "no Royalties"   life as a musician is hard it's not like in America where things are slightly easy where Justin Berber would make a song and it will hit over 1 million viewers and with those numbers he will get money maybe from ad earnings or some rich sponsor 

Living in malawi and being a Musican in Malawi your earning options are limited and if you are not wise about it you can most certainly suffer, so most Musicans rely on Shows but the coming of Covid-19 has made sure that there shall be less or no shows as music is feared to may cause the spread of COVID-19.

Malawian Musicans don't have a single music Website to reply on

With the coming of Covid-19 , and the dilemma it has put on Musicans and the Malawian music industry was  already struggling  to figure things out for it's talented Musicans , it's another added salt on the wound to learn that Malawi doesn't have a single local reliable Website were Musicans can upload music videos, mp3 audios, were they can share there music and earn Royalties and add value to their talents. Imagine a place where there songs can be not only downloaded for free rather bought and they earn something form that after all Covid-19 or the corona virus has made  the term "Work from The New Norm"

The Corona Virus Vaccine Hope for a dying music world

Even though things are dark and the future completely uncertain Malawian can still hope for something special with the coming of the Corona Virus Vaccine that maybe if people are Vaccinated things will be back to normal and finally shows might be allowed again but this is in the far Future the reality at the ground is different. Different in a way that Malawi is a developing country access to vacines won't be easy and it will take a very long time for the country to get it's hands on the vaccine and COVID-19 is literally Killing more and more people.


Malawian Musicans are really suffering from the impacts of the Corona Virus that has suffocated our already struggling economy , their needs to be some kind of solution to be put in press for those who are finding it hard to earn a living due to What's going no in this Nation

Tell me your views on what you think needs to be done to save the Malawian music industry 


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