Joe Biden Is not my President FB is back with 1.7m members after being censored by Facebook

Facebook censored a group of over 1.7 million people that was made on 15 December and was the fastest growing group on Facebook. The was called Joe Biden is Not My President and most of it's members were Trump supporters but days after it got censored it's now appealing back on Facebook.

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Trump supporters have a group of over 1.7m members

Joe Biden Is not my President FB is back with 1.7m members after being censored by Facebook

The group which was made on 15 December grew to a record breaking 1.7 million in just 30 days. It was the fastest growing Facebook group and the 24th largest everyone 3 days ago had hopes that it was going to hit 2 million in a matter of hours but all the sudden Facebook censored it .

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What happened when it was censored?

Facebook Platform has rules people must follow, both pages and groups are required to follow these rules and those who break them are panished accordingly, Joe Biden is not my president ' in some way  was very controversial. For instance, people who were Trump supporters could mock those of Biden and in an attempt to provide facts about voting fraud. Others would share fake news and it was quite a dilemma for Facebook fact checkers to the point when they decided to take action and censored it for quite some days.

How Did Members React?
The censoring was so sudden it took almost everyone off guard maybe only the admins were aware of the group violations and the threat it was under. But as for the rest of  the members it came so sudden, one day it was here the next it wasn't.

What impact does this group have ?

Anything with over 1 million people truly has an impact, 1 million people is alot, and the number has weight and strength. With 1 million people who obviously support Trump this platform has untold power and potential. For instance, others had ideas that they could use the group's community  to sign a partion for Trump and enforce  election re-run. This group also shows just how influencial Donald Trump is, having over 1 million people who have made a group in support of you isn't a joke. Trump still has  people who believe in him.

Has the group changed after being reopened?

The group has changed after being reopened , the moderators and group admins are now aware that being loose and letting people post what ever they want and In what ever manner could lead to the group being permanently banned from Facebook.

Was Facebook right in censoring the group?

Many people have different views on this point, those in support of Trump really felt attacked when Facebook took action against the group. Banning it so suddenly and leaving Everyone wondering what went wrong. Biden supporters on the other hand felt that Facebook had done the right thing and that Trump has lost so their is no need to have such a group made for him and that Trump supporters should learn to accept defeat. Only a few people sided with Facebook, saying "the group really went out of hand and the moderators did not do much to run it nicely". My thoughts on this are "it's a tuff task to ask, out of anyone, I sympathize with what Facebook did , in taking it down for quite some time but some things needed changing and there censorship might have done the trick."

How many members is it adding now?

Preciously it used to add about 380,000 members a day but at the moment it's not certain how many people shall be joining it. censorship does take away a lot of a groups visibility and until they make things right it won't being appealing on top despite it's big member base.

Is Facebook playing god?

Facebook isn't playing god though at times people feel threatened when their posts are taken done for saying something they never thought was wrong. Facebook as a private plaftom has  rules and regulations , things it consider ethical and unethical. It has countless fact checkers, would invade groups to monitor activity and report back to base to take action against what they think is immoral or improper to be on Facebook but Mark Zukerberg has a huge responsibility on his Shoulders he is capable of censoring and silencing who ever he wishes.

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