Joe Biden is not my president FB groups are going through extense censorship on Facebook

After the big group that had about 2.2 million Trump supporters was closed Facebook also took measure in censoring other small groups that carried the similar name citing that members of the other groups were also members of the mega group

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Facebook groups for Trump supporters are going through intense Censorship, weeks ago a group that had over 2.2 million members who were Trump supporters was censored and then permanently removed by Facebook for not following community guidelines

Why are the other groups being censored?

The other small groups are they themselves under some form of censorship from Facebook for reasons like most: the members who were in the small groups made up the band wagon that was in the other group, in that regard the other groups were also pernalised and things like the share buttons or commenting sections was Thurs removed from the group limiting members to share content and lowering the engagement of the groups

 what happened for the 2.2 million membered group to close?

The Joe Biden is not my president 2.2 million membered group close for failure to handle posts shared on the group  what Facebook called adusive, misinformation and  hate speech was also being spread when Joe Biden supporters trolled the group and reported posts  periodically to Facebook fact checkers.

How many people were affected?

A lot of Facebook users have been affected by the closer of the group and this Also include those who in the small  groups  that carry the name of the big group, 'Joe Biden is not my president' yet Joe Biden is Not My President quite   a popular group name made for Facebook groups which have been in existence for about 4 years , it's quite common for Americans to create groups on Facebook bearing the names of their favorite presidents . We have other group names like "Joe Biden is my president" "Trump is not my president" it's some what, an excise of free speech which most Americans value.

The closer of the big group which had so many violations on the issues of failure to comply to Facebook user standards and other things has also affected other miner groups and  Facebook has put a warning note on those small groups. Notices like "the admins had to engage in post approval Because the most of the members who were in the group were also in a group that violated guidelines"  Facebook  auto enabled post approval that was to be in effect for most groups until 5 February on the  groups I came across.

The measures were put in place to help in, group management and allow Adminstrators to have a central rule in assuring that peace and Harmony is maintained.

How did big Facebook group went down?

It was considered to be the 24th largest and fastest growing Facebook group in the world , adding about a million plus Members in such a short record of time but  with those many members it simply became very hard to manage and soon members started violating Facebook guidelines , others shared information that was at times controversial. It was simply a hard task for the Adminstrators to look into it all , and others where reporting posts of other people and slowly Facebook was concerned and it pressed several measures on the group that the Adminstration should try to improve for the group  to remain active.

The following are some of the measures  of measures which where put in place: making it less visible on search waiting. This was to allow Adminstrators  to settle issues and also control the group of the mega group but when things continued to worsen Facebook Censored the group to the point when it dissapeared For 3 good days . later it came back with the same momentum of adding over 100k people in mere hours despite having limitations set upon it. The group was eventually taken down permanently for failure to comply to the guidelines of Facebook that make their community a beta place for everyone.

The impact this has left on other minor groups?

Though the big group is gone, it's influence and impact has been felt all over the entire series of groups that carry the same name.  Because as Facebook puts it people who are in the small groups were also in the large groups and measures had to be taken to make sure that the very same thing that occured in the 2.2m membered group want migrate to the other groups that have been active for  over 2-4 years.

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