Joe Biden is Not My President FB Group Which Had 2.2 million members has been Permanently Removed on Facebook

Facebook has now permanently Removed a group called Joe Biden is Not My President which had 2.2 million members

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This article shall cover what Facebook Cencorship has done, to a group that was among the fastest  growing , it had gotten itself over 1 million members in just 15 days but after that it's invisibility was being hindered by Facebook so much so, that even the members where finding it hard to find the group.

Why has it been Closed?

Facebook hasn't said much about it being closed, and it has simply left people with assumptions but one thing is for sure: Facebook hasn't been liking the narratives of Trump supporters, A lot of trump supporter who were the soul founder of that big  Facebook group were sharing posts and taking about the possibility of voter fraud, and when Facebook fact checkers so that , it didn't go well with the group since they now started censoring it and locating the group became a very hard tasks.

How many times was it censored before it was closed?

There has been no clear number on how many times Facebook tried to silence the Trump community, though there were one of two occasions when I myself noticed something wrong going on. For instance this one time when it reached 1.6 million members. Facebook adminstration censored it and it eventually dissapeared from the Facebook for about 3 days. Some individual Members experienced,pain and disbelieve how  and why these things was happening for because this wasn't the only Facebook group to be called "Joe Biden is not My President" yet it was the only one on Facebook blacklist simply because it was a very huge community of people and getting your posts approved really meant a lot because one could finally reach 50,000 or more people with ease.

How many members was it adding per day?

From the time i got invited in the group from a friend the group had 880k and it added 350k members in less than 24hrs. In fact the mean methodology which Trump supporters where following was to ask each and every group members to show support to the group by inviting Fellow Americans that could then invite others, that kind of Methodology was so effective to the point where the group was a Facebook record breaker.

Do People still  Have Faith in Trump?

Trump supporters still have faith in him and they are over 75 million of them. They strongly believe that Joe Biden might have won the Presidency via Cheating and that Trump wasn't that far from the truth. They have shown true American strength by creating and organizing groups that have attracted a lot of members in record numbers in support of Trump this clearly shows that people still have faith and believe in Trump.

 2. 2 Million for Trump and Facebook has Managed to Silence that, Do we have free speech?.

Are the American people having liberty when it comes to speech? Big tech companies the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple.These are private companies which have private rules which at times may not be in favor of someone's Political ideologies and though they own an exceptional part of our lives it. There policy and terms and conditions might Intensionally limit free speech.In special Cases like these it's when we realise Just how much power these Big tech Companies have: Power over Music, Power over Our Conversions and Shaping the Way we see the world based on the way the control what we Can see on the platform while other things are being Censored.

Join parler to run away from Facebook censorship

Millions of Trump supporters resorted in downloading a new social media application that is the  alternative of Twitter called Parler. The social media which focuses on free speech for the American people and for some days it became the most trending App on Apple playstore before app decided to censor it . Google play store followed suit and Amazon decided to suspend  it's Parler web hosting services so that the servers of Parler went offline and the CEO was forced to say things like "he doesn't really know when they shall be back online"

What has happened in the weeks that the group was deleted?

Many things have happened since the group was deleted , and the fact that Mainstream news medias didn't cover any of the news revolving around  such a big censorship choice , clearly shows us that they themselves are also censoring content and to some extent controlling and influencing people's Mindset and choices.

The following are some of the Events that occured in a few days when the group was closed

1.Facebook pressed a ban on Trump

 2. Twittered permanently removed the official Donald Trump account

 3. Trump YouTube account has been periodically Banned for some weeks.

 4. Parler Became the lastest trending app on Apple store and Playstore before it got censored by those online stores

 5.  Amazon cancelled Parler  web hosting services forcing the Social media Website to go offline

 6. Dornad Trump, became the First ever USA president to be impeached twice in American History

 7.  Facebook and Twitter has lost jointly 51 billion dollar in market value after Trump second impeachment vote was carried on

 8.  Elon Musk One signal messaging app endorsement ranked one, after Facebook updated What's app terms and conditions.

A call for peace to the American People.

In my opinion, Politics at times can be a very hard pill to swallow since it involves one side being victorious and another side surrending for a while to the ideologies of those who have fortunately won. People in to learn to stay calm and avoid doing violence, for violence only destroys a Nation rather than build it. Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Apples, should also be looked upon, for it clearly shows they have a large influence that they can effectively silence majority of people through there so called censorships.

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