Joe Biden Is Not My President FB Group Which Had 1.8m Members Has Been Closed By Facebook

Facebook has closed the 24th largest group on FB which grew to 1 million in just 15 days, The group was named Joe Biden is Not My President. Now this begs the question "Is Facebook against Free Speech?"

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Facebook against Free speech?

Facebook has shut down the 24th biggest group on FB which had over 1.6 m members

So what was this group about?

The group was about Joe Biden not being  the legitimate USA president as most Trump supporters believed that he cheated during the 2020 America presidential elections.

What were the group members posting?

Various groups members where posting their disgust and voicing out their opinions on the 2020 elections. The opinions were against official results but everyone felt the need to speak their mind since we live in a free world.

How did this group grow?

The grow was actually one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook reaching over 1 million Members after being created for just 15 days, today members expected the group to reach a milestone of 2.6 million before Facebook took it down. The group had experienced such growth because the people were supportive of each other and were told to invite their fellow friends the job went so well that in 24 hours over 370k to 450k people where being added.

What did this group seek to achieve?

The group on its own simply had one rule in motion." Joe and Harris aren't our leaders" it wasn't to rebel against the government but the group seeked to in force  the government to maybe do an investigation over voters fraud cause most Members where pro Trump.

Is Facebook against Free speech?

Facebook again and again has shown that it has power to silence people with a voice that is against their own or have ethics which they can not recommend or through their Schema they judge as being bad or unfit for the community. Facebook moderators tried limiting the group growth by limiting some members , deleting posts that had over 50k likes comments and basic things like sharing the posts were also prohibited. Mark Zukerberg platform has a responsibility and I don't think it's an easy one , today over 2 million people have been silenced when the group closed and I don't know if that kind of action was ethical done out of fear or a sense of responsibility that they must take action before the situation got worse. in my opinion Facebook has done something that has been against Free speech , at times it does that, Facebook takes done posts that we know aren't against ethics but again it takes them down.

What will the future be?

Most group members are disheartened with what happened, even Trump would be , since he really showed through the group that he was a million strong. Trump had over 75 million votes and his followers aren't silent about the injustice they think happened to him during the election. As they believe An investigation might yeild different results. They are numerous groups on Facebook others in support of the president Elect Joe Biden and others in support of Trump . A clones have been made to replace the Facebook has removed but yet we can't be certain if this shall repeat the success of  of the  record breaker.

Leaving Facebook to find Home elsewhere?

Trump supporters with their new found enthusiasm and energy feel some sense of injustice over Facebook as it continues to silence them and marks their efforts to voice out their opinions as going against the community standards. Some have thought of creating a community elsewhere and a place where they can be accepted and their voice can be heard. They will and might create other platforms of their own and try to grow their but truth be told this has been a real blow for Trump and his zeaolus supporters.

To Conclude

Elections are always a scary prospect, since their shall always be winners and losers and in some scenerios the winners might win using unjust ways or the losers might not accept their fate and this always divideds people and create unnecessary enimity among people. My prayers are to the people they should all learn to take heart and do not rush into Makin hasty decisions. Facebook is in a difficult state, where with it's influence at times it acts and play God . But as time passes things shall Normalise and I hope they do so soon.

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