Joe Biden Is Not My President FB group Has Made History for having 1 million members in A few Months

A Facebook group that supports Trump has made history for reaching 1 million members in just a few Days

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Joe Biden Is Not My President FB group Has Made History for having 1 million members in A few Months

Months after a Facebook group called Joe Biden has is not My president has made Facebook history for reaching 1,000,000 members in record time.

The Facebook group was made by Trump supporters who were showing solidarity with their president who, I could to the USA elections have been beaten by Rival Joe Biden. The group has one rule and that is "Content Supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aren't allowed. 

Trump's influence is still being felt , as his followers still have momentum , and listen to the words he says, Trump disagreed strongly with the USA 2020 presidential elections which made Trump lose the White House and this month we could probably see the oldest ruling president with the first ever female Vice president.

Trump supporters across the globe are showing solidarity with him and as evident the Facebook group which was made , has risen to over  1 million members and adding about 350k members in less than 24 hours. There group members made a call that people should invite their friends and join the solidarity cause, and that call was picked up graciously. As evident more than 350k members flooded in and joined the group adding the tally to more than A million.

I have also Joined the Group

I joined the Group after a friend of mine , Sent me an invite. I clicked and joined but soon realised I was witnessing history being made. At least it was something special for me seeing such huge amount of people coming in togethee in such a strong fashion.The engagement in the group is something to dream about almost each and every post have over 1 000 or so likes and everyone comments and shares their viewed respectively.

What does this group tell Us?

The group is proof that, a lot of people are dissapointed with the electoral results. Trump was on his way for his second term and we aren't yet sure if Joe Biden cheated but what we know is that Trump despite having a record number of votes on his side . He simply came out short. Trump has continuously made efforts to reverse the decision citing that there has been fraud and that the election hasn't been at all Democratic  proposing that new and fresh elections take place or they should recount the votes and ignore those fake votes that came from dead peoole.

To Conclusion

Joining the group is exciting, being apart of this community "breath taking" 2020 is the year of making history, I love to see and read the views that people have in this wonderful and quite free community, and every time you check the number of members it leaves you wordless. I guess this is the kind of atmosphere we should take with us while entering 2021, an atmosphere of making history. Of solidarity, of showing we can achieve once we add up in numbers, or at least try to voice out our concerns and show support for our history despite them coming up short.

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  • Joe Biden Is Not My President FB group Has Made History for having 1 million members in A few Months
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