Joe Biden angers Some Democrats by maintain The 15,000 allowed Migrants a year Set by Dolnad Trump administration

It's been a couple of months since Joe Biden Become the 46th president of United States and today it looks like his Adminstration has yet Again failed to deliver on a promise they made to increase migrants that would be admitted in the USA.

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This move has spakred mixed Reactions from the people who voted for him in 2020

The maximum number of migrants allowed through the border per year was set to 15,000 by the former president of the United States Dolnad Trump

2 months ago Joe Biden put a plan in motion that would see the number of allowed migrants rise to about 62,500 people. Yet that plan has so far been reversed.

Reports have come in that president Joe Biden is worried about the way the borders are like between mexico and  USA.

On Friday, the acting president made an order to forward his ambitions of allowing migrants in. The order was designed to let the admittions of migrants speed up but so far only 2,000 people have been admitted since October.

The order passed on by Joe Biden allocates who is to be allowed in,  the groups that are included are people from Africa, the middle easte,  Central American people and also for a very long time people from 
Somalia, Yemen and syrians have had their restrictions removed.

It's alittle dissapointing for people who voted for Biden in hope that more migrants might have a shot at the America dream since their shall be no change from the 15,000 migrants allowed in a year. During Barack Obama era over 83,000 people where admitted in the USA.but there shall be no change with the Biden Adminstration as it was in times of trump.

The white house commented that the limit might still be raised though it took some times to evaluate and understand how the immigration and Adminstration process where working, since the place hadn't been getting much attention in Trumps era. Said  white house spokes woman Jen Psaki.

A US official also said the Adminstration was concerned with issues happening at the Mexican and USA borders. And they look at it with openness.

The decision Left some Democrats angry and  Senate of foreign relations  chair  Bob Menendez called the move "Appallingly low"
Dozen of other party members wrote to Joe Biden to raise the number of people who will be allowed into the USA before the decision was made.

An organisation called the international Rescue Committee 
Said it was "deeply dissapointed over the decision set by Joe Biden Adminstration" and argued the US to turn to  "global leadership of Refugees"

Figures show that they are over 80 million refugees world wide and almost 85% of them are hosted in developing countries.


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  • Joe Biden angers Some Democrats by maintain The 15,000 allowed Migrants a year Set by Dolnad Trump administration
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