Israella Bushiri​​​​​​​ the 8-year-old daughter of the controversial millionaire Prophet shelperad Bushiri Has died

 Israella Bushiri the daughter of the controversial Malawian prophet has passed on. 4 years ago her dad Prophet bushfires bought her a car worth half a million dollars. and just 4 years after that she has succumbed to sickness.

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Malawian Controversial prophet Shepperd Bushiri, has lost his beloved only child, a daughter by the name of Isabella Bushiri. The daughter was reported to be sick and needed operation outside the Malawian country but unfortunately the government denied him access to travel.

The Daughters death has come on the most difficult time of his life, Both the prophet who has a reported net worth of 150 million USD probably making him the richest person in Malawi, and his with ary Bushiri had all most all their asserts frozen in South Africa where they feed and too refuge in their home land Malawi waiting for the Money laundering Charges, they were facing in the foreign country to boil down.

Since Bushiri has not been having g peace of mind, He came to his home country running away from the charges he received in South African and became a millionaire refuge in his on country. The ordeal drew international attention as a high ranking Malawian had secretly escaped South African Authorities, through a route which the government of South Africa Could not pin point

Things that made Bushiri Controversial

Shelpered Bushiri is one of the most controversial prophets of all time. The following are some of the reasons that make Bushiri to be one of the most controversial prophets in the world.

1. His miracles of Miracle Money

Bushiri preaching centers around Money, and at times his followers say money comes out of nowhere in Millions into their Phones, that is what even made him so popular to the point of filling a whole stadium of people who came to experience the miracle themselves. 
But despite this, in Christianity Worldly possession is not the center of our life Christ is and this makes him infamous to most bible believers. In addition to this he his services where banned in Botswana, as the government claimed that money laundering was being done through Miracle Money.

2. His ultra-Rich

Well, when you are the richest person in a county full of poor people, you attract attention and eventually get hated for being successful. Bushiri reported net worth is 150 million usd Dollars, might even be more. He claims he made his vast fortune trading and working with Bitcoin the crypto currency. He has sense bought so many things in South Africa including owning2 private Jets. This also gets him balshases from Many possess Christians who believe region can not make you all that rich.

3. His YouTube videos showing angels in his Church

Bushiri, has videos floating around on YouTube showcasing angels caught on camera, in his church and it is also among the weirdest bazellor stuff to be caught on camera. The video shows blully pictures of things that look like people moving in his church and people falling down. Critics say the video was edited and a huge number of people also think saw.

4. Staged Miracles 

Some critics also denouse his credibility and says Bushiri is full of staged miracles. As there was a video of him claiming to take a picture with his thumbnail on a tablet but he just clicked to the Gallery and then the picture appeared. This particular demonstration made millions of people doubt most of his work.

5. Failed Prophesies

Bushuri has had failed prophesies before, and most people lost fail in him. He would say crazy things and those things sometimes did not go to pass, he claimed rumors came out that He will have a baby boy, he had a girl who has unfortunately just died and he seemed to had no clue what would happen to her, The death of the daughter has happened so suddenly. Failed promises and prophesies made a lot of people in the Christian community question his credibility.

6. Trying to control people through Politics

Bushiri has been for along time tried to control his own nations politics, even His wife is said to be the sister of the famous renowned Malawian Hip Hop Singer Gwamba. Bushiri with is money and power tried to control the out come of the elections in Malawi and hoped that one day he could become president himself or the godfather of an elected president so that he can pull the strings and things will go his way. Bushiri also attracted a huge number of Music artists to join his congression and they sing songs that are somewhat questionable, if they are at all gospel or communicating a truth that is different from the usual gospel.

7. He wanted to Buy A whole Island

Controversial Millionaire prophet wanted to buy a whole island full of people, in his homeland Malawi. News came in that he had shown interest of the Likoma Island which is among the pride of Malawi. Former president Peter Munathari denied Selling off the Island to Bushiri and also rejected his many when he tried to offer money for development projects when his country was in dare need of his donations.

8. Money Laundering Scandals

Money Laundering Scandals has followed the refuge Millionaire prophet from his country to South Africa. It might just be that the country of south Africa is Committing Hate crimes seeing someone who’s a minority making it in life, while most people in their nation are struggling to make ends meet. But this is not the first time a country has listed prophet Bushiri as a criminal and had him answer charges of Money Laundering. Botswana, Malawi, South Africa all questioned how Bushiri made his Miracle money miracles work, and Botswana was the country that went forward to banning him into ever accessing the country again. South Africa seems it wants to follow suit as it’s pushing Malawi to handover Prophet Bushiri to be tried and Judged by the Judicially of South Africa.

9. Nation relations have soared because of Him

The prophet has a huge following of over 4 million Facebook international followers, the majority of these followers are from Malawi and several neuboring countries, those who believe in Bushiri, are numerous but there is also a huge number of people who are skeptical of his work. The money laundering Scandals have even made diplomatic relations between South Africa and Malawi soar as Malawi is keeping its citizen Shelpled Bushiri from being extracted and Tried In A foreign country.

Was SHelped Bushiri A loving Father to israella

Apart from all that which has happened Bushiri was a loving father, he cared for his child even bought many expensive things for her even though she was not of age. Isaella, seemed to be the center of the conversial prophet Joy, as she was the only child of the millionaire.

What Happened for the Child to Die?

Bushiri Child died of Abnormal issues, as she was in discomfort and need Tanzania Medical assistance but was denied that chance since Bushiri was banned from traveling. The government of Malawi rejected a request of Bushiri to travel and seek medical attention to the nneubroing country of Tanzania.

Rest in Peace little Child

Though Bushiri is a long way from finding his peace due to all that is going on in his life, it is very unfortunate that the only child he had has gone through the worst and unfortunately has passed away. May her soul rest in peace.

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