How to get your music Website approved by Google AdSense in just 10 days

Easy guide on how you can get your music Website approved by Google Adsense and see your musical career kick start.

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Making Money online through a website is what most people want. It gives people a sense of power, belonging and shows that they are atleast on to something. I most certainly recommend every Musican who really wants to make an impact in life Should at least own his very own offical music website. This webiste will talk about him ,his music, his achievements and shall also make it possible for him to earn money and get clients.

Why is getting approved by Google Adsense such a big deal?

Getting approved by Google AdSense is such a big deal because you will open your doors to countless opportunities not to mention being able to earn around 1000$ a day . that being said you should also know that being approved by Google AdSense is not easy. Sure, Your music Website might be having your mp3s your music videos , your ideas on how you view the world but Google AdSense is after quality stuff not merely the amount of posts you have rather the quality of the things which are posted

What can you do to be approved?

I understand you want to apply for  AdSense and give, your music Website a chance to prove it self that with the amount of traffic it gets it can be turned to Money . And since getting approved by Google AdSense is not easy but that doesn't mean it can't be done here is a list of things you can do to be approved by Google AdSense easily 

 1.  Create more than (28-40 posts)
 Creating content is at the heart of the approval , you can't have a website a music webiste showing news if that music webiste doesn't have content which shall drive users to the ads you are displaying on top of that  the sweets spot for approval is at least 28-40 posts these posts should be unique and helpful to your audience. Avoid copyrighted material.

 2. Quality vs quantity (articles Shou have atleast (300-1000 words)

Your articles Should try to be wordly, either you are talking about your music downloads , music mp3 uploads, where someone can find your tracks or you are simply listing your SoundCloud and Spotify and other social media presence you are on. It's the best idea to get started with  Articles that have over 300 and 1000 words. These articles are very beneficial because they will inform your fans shows you are serious, and you give a lot of people something to read about. Let's say you want to recommend stuff to your music fans and you also want adsense to pay you for everything that you do simply this is the best way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

 3. Select a .com domain name

.com domain names which you can easily get from are very beneficial if you want to take your music webiste of career to a whole new level. For instance even the cheap ones are good interms of exposure that is if you manage to run it well and get the show on the road. Higher a SEO expert to help you out select the best name but it's always best to go with your music name. Because people will use this name on Google search to find you.

 4. Getting Traffic to your website

Your webiste must be alive , it should have active engagement with people, you can do this through social sharing your link and also doing paid ads but we want to keep the cost at a minimum. So let's get organic social media engagement first and later own proceed to organic Google traffic after we have optimised our site with SEO stuff.

 5. Now let's get approved by Google Adsense

You can now feel confident that after doing all the things listed above, you can try your luck with Google approval and it will most certainly work out when. You requested approval


In my belief, it's best for every musician to have a music webiste though at times it might be costly to build they can always have Google AdSense to compaset for the money they put in the website building process. Google Adsense approval isn't always easy but with my easy guide I'm certain any Musican can have his or her site approved with Adsense in 10 days.

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