How to Get Approved By Google Adsense in Just 2 weeks

Getting approved by Google AdSense is hard but here is an easy guide on how you can get approved in just 2 weeks

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Adsense pays well

How to get AdSense approval in Just 2 weeks

Are you interested in making money online? Are you interested when you hear that others make about $100 a day and you just want to make that and yet you have been struggling cause money and getting noticed online is hard to come by? Well we have all been there, we have all tried to make things work and it took a while but we figured out some secrets along the way, if you are interested to learn how to get adsense approval and learn how to make money online this article is for you. I will briefly tell you how you can get started with Google AdSense and start your jounery earning Money with Google.

(1) Firstly, You need to get yourself a Domain name

Domain names,or URLs are your identity you must first register webiste name you can get one from they sell domains  at even 1$ if you are registering a completely new Domain it is going to be cheap but it will take time for you to build your online presence but if you buy an already established Domain it will help you head start and start earning money quickly, for old expired domains bring with them traffic (people who are searching for it on the web and these people shall visit your wensi instead. Once you have gotten a good domain name , it's time for you to build your website.

(2) Building a website

Building a website takes skill, effort time and at times money and it's quite a struggle though there are several things that shall you started quickly for instance Google blogger has already made Website templates but using them is difficult Because they have limited resources and you will probably get bored and you shall feel like you are Wasting time. And honesty you would be wasting time. So try something else Instead others prefer, WordPress but instead there is also a charge to this but once you get the right theme, get a friend who knows a little coding to help you adjust your website design accordingly. Once you are satisfied  with what you have on the table you can can now start writting the terms and conditions making the website ready for AdSense but before we do that, you need to remember to have real control on your website you need to have a good Website hosting service.

 (3). Website hosting services

A website hosting service is a company that keeps and stores your website , your website files stays in there hard drive and people when they visit your site they are really requesting files from that drive so it is important to invest in the best website  hosting service because others are here the next and gone tomorrow but the best  choice could be  selecting a hosting service that is not too expensive and not super cheap at the end of the day you want your site to work and not bring people down. So select the best affordable web hosting services go some good Google research to learn a bit about Website hosting .

(4). Write Terms and Conditions

Google AdSense accepts Website which have purposes in life , it's not just about you have a website it's about having something that works and shall bring them revenue where you yourself shall earn about 65% while they will get 45% from what you make , approx. Google pays you about 1-2$ for every 1000 impressions that you get and getting that you must at least have around 1000 to 788 web site visits a day, don't worry I will go in detail on how to generate that kind of money but as of now let me tell you the importance of writting terms and conditions on your website. The terms and conditions which you make on your website shall he you get approved by AdSense , people who work at Google value , responsible websites that shall have terms conditions, privacy policies, and an about us page that actually makes sense and shows that you care and value growth and prosperity and they will approve you because they too are also willing to make things work with you. So make it your primary goal to get down on the keyboard and start writting those terms and conditions down. Making sure you comply to the privacy polices of Google as well, when you make your own remember breaking the terms and conditions of Google shall lead to your account being banned.

(5).Write and start publishing  Content

Find a niche, a niche  is your business audience your traffic, what type of people are they? Are they into Technology? Are they into politics or food or selling things? Make sure you have selected something you are passionate about and when ever you post things if it's either a news article or a concept you really love do that because you love what you are doing and by doing so , someone somewhere might also love what you have done so you won't be burdened  when you are posting content on your site. Quicky you shall start to learn what kind of things people like about your website and slowly you will understand that you gain more people when you post particular topics that others and that's a good thing. Post about 28 articles so that your website should atleast have an online presence . Make sure you have linked your website to things like Google analytic, and other Google services.

(6). Sharing your website to Social media Website

Sharing your website does help you rise in Ranking you get noticed by people across the grobal and also you rise when it comes to Alexa Ranking , I shall explain Alexa Ranking is a system that reveals the rank of your website world wide, but don't really worry about this, to Google Alexa Ranking is not that important Google AdSense approvals your website when you have value and comply to their rules and they do not necessary look into the Alexa Ranking. But in the case of promoting your article it is wonderful to just once in a while see how your Alexa Website is doing that always has and shows that what you are doing is working and be sure it shall often work. Share your url in Facebook groups Pages,  and home profile and also use Twitter to share your articles or what ever you post on your website the more you post things the more you are noticed and the more you are noticed the more changes you have at earning a lot of money once Google approves you. 

(7). Things to avoid when promoting a website on Facebook

Take your time do not try to post your grow multi times on Facebook, Facebook strictly prohibits this and your URL might be banned from Facebook and once it is banned you might fail to get 1000 visitors a day . And that shall ruin your chances of earning money through Adsense. 

(8). Create a Facebook page and invite everyone

Create a Facebook page and invite everyone of your friend , you can link the Facebook page in your your website and this shall make your website to be visible to everyone , plus doing so make you visible on Facebook and this shall add to your chances of being approved on Facebook.

(9). Try going viral before you apply for AdSense

Share, your url on Facebook to related grows, if the article is about technology and you have written Technology inspired context share it grows about technology but be sure you aren't promoting a product because Facebook removes links that might lead people to lose money in a scam or make them  victims of thieft.

(10). Try applying your for AdSense

You can now apply for AdSense Google shall take time to review your website, might take them 1 week to 2 weeks before they finally approve you but don't doubt they shall certainly above you if you have  followed these basic 10 steps to get approved by them.

In conclusion, this article has addressed things people should do to start earning money online using the famous method of Google AdSense from creating awebsite to showing your first ever ads on your site

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