How to fix QuickBooks Error PS036

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fix QuickBooks Error PS036

QuickBooks is a robust accounting software used by business owners worldwide. It is widely used by owners to run different kinds of firms for accounting solutions. There is no doubt it is the best software in the market for accounting solutions and that verify by its popularity across the globe irrespective of business type and region. It assists users in a variety of financial operations of the business and it is an ideal fit for small businesses as well as for mid-scale businesses. 


Besides its lucrative features and functionalities it still a computer-based software. Hence bugs and technical glitches are quite common in it. These bugs and glitches lead to issues like the QuickBooks Error PS036. In this article, we were going to discuss the error code. Actually, all about it that includes- what it is, how it causes, what consequences of it, and ultimately solutions to it to resolve it. But before that do you know that you can save up your lot of time by dialing our QuickBooks Payroll support phone number +1-855-533-6333 Here you will get instant support with expertise solutions from actual professionals. Therefore, opt for this method to conserve your efforts and time let our team of experts do it. Or you can go through this blog post to the very end for a better understanding. 


What is QuickBooks Error PS036

It is a common error face by QuickBooks Payroll users at several points while operating the software. By the occurrence of this error code user restricted to update the latest tax table as it crashes the active program and obstructs your workflow. It generally occurs when you try to verify your payroll subscription. Let’s find out its causes and consequences along with solutions to resolve it. 


Factors leading to the occurrence of QuickBooks error PS036

Here we are mentioning some possible and potential factors that cause the error code. 

When Payroll subscription is expired or invalid then it obvious to get the error code. 

Damaged or corrupted company file.

Out of date QuickBooks application or corresponding supporting windows components.

If the PSID of the company file is incorrect.

Invalid or incorrect EIN number one of the major reasons.

The service key is inappropriate.

If the window is not supporting the current application.

With an inactive direct deposit, numerous payroll agreements are active.

The company file with paysub.ini is incorrect or damaged.


Consequences of the QuickBooks error PS036

Active program will crash down 

The system screen will show the error code with a dialog box consists of the error message.

System becomes slow and sluggish 

System freezes periodically

The system responds to any input slowly. 

Methods to resolve QuickBooks payroll error code PS036

The two major solutions to this error code is following, perform them precisely to rectify the error code. 


Method 1: Verify the QuickBooks payroll subscription

Download and install the latest versions of applications to ensure your validity. 

Go to QuickBooks and login into the payroll service account.

Now select the ‘employee’ then the ‘my payroll services’.

Then from it click on ‘account/billing information’.

Now type your login credentials and select to sign in.

After that, reboot your system and again download the updates.

At last, open the QuickBooks application and verify that if the issue is gone or not.


Method 2: Rename and repair the paysub.ini file 

In case the error code emerges due to the corrupted or damaged paysub.ini company file then follow the step below to resolve the error.

Ini is a hidden file on the window, so for its visibility, we need to alter the settings of hidden folder settings.

For that, go to the ‘my computer’ then select the ‘organize’ option.

Then click on the folder and then the search option.

Now tap on the ‘view tab’  option.

Then you need to click on hidden files and folder and select the ‘show hidden files, folder & drivers’ option.

Now tap on ‘apply’ and then on ‘OK’ 

Thereafter, go again on ‘my computer’ and search for paystub.

Once you find the paysub.ini file, right-click on it

From option select ‘rename’, and rename the file extension as .old by removing .ini

Now you need to repeat the same procedure with all paystub files.


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In this blog post, we have mentioned the most potential solutions of ‘how to fix QuickBooks Error PS036’ with all potential causes. We hope this aforementioned information will help you to resolve the updating issue and let you overcome this problem easily.


In rare cases, if this will not help you out and you keep struggling with the same problem. Then we recommend you dial our QuickBooks Payroll support phone number order to get the precise and effective solution to the problem from our QuickBooks experts. They will go to the root cause of the problem and assist you to execute the best potential solution to the issue. Don’t let such kind of issues turn into a major obstacle to your workflow and check your productivity along with efficiency.

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