How to Download Music Online for Free

Downloading music can be very hard and at times people get unwanted viruses. This article shall tell you the best 2 websites where you can download music for free online.

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Downloading music for free on the internet can be hard for most people , simply because it's not always easy to navigate around vast information and find what you are looking for without the risk of getting scammed , downloading a virus (we have all done that) anyways it's best to know and learn the best places were you can download  any kind of music file with ease and less risk of getting viruses like Trojan Horse.

 This article  shall help you  out by telling  you the best 2 places where you can download the best music around the world. But I would edge you to avoid downloading music for free, if the songs themselves are paid for.  You should of course cause buy the songs on legitimate sites like Spotify, Apple music Buying the songs shall help artists, yes 'your favorite Musicans who  have blessed you with the beautiful music produce more'

To download music for free online you have to follow these 6 easy steps.

 1.  Get connected to the internet
 2. Open your browser
 3. Type
 4. Search on Google these names
 5. "Juicy mp3 Download
 6.  "Mp3paw"

This is a very easy guide to Downloading any kind of music that you desire , songs you have heard in movies and really desire to have them in your phone for free.

 You can try this easy method  simply   visit these awesome instant, virus free websites to download your mp3 files 

Downloading music at juicy mp3 Download

Once you have Google searched the name select the first link and you can  simply search any name of your preferred song on the search bar they provide

And allow there ads pop-ups and then you can proceed with the download

Tip ( you can disable the the allowed ads later on)

Tip (search for no copyright materials to avoid getting into trouble but with this site you can instantly Download anything)

Downloading Music at

Downloading songs from this website is also faily easy, it doesn't force you to allow pop-ups so that's kinda cool but Downloading songs here can be kinds tricky but not to scare you. Tricky in a way that the songs are offered in different qualities there is  124kb, 190kb

Something like that, and bite size means quality. The higher it is , the greater is the quality of the song. So I recommend you to download the songs that obviously have a responsible size.

Thanks you for reading this article you can share it to spread the news, more articles on music and how to get yourself started with it shall be published soon. If you have any thing to say or you want me to publish something you desire just comment it and we shall  see what I can do. From now onwards you can avoid getting viruses  while you are downloading music for free 

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