How I Lost  780$  Worth of Bitcoin Because Of Facebook

How I lost $780 on Facebook. I guess Social media isn't that safe anymore.

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I strongly believe we have all lost Money Online but this one really hit hard simply because Facebook algorithm aided to my loss. This article shall cover my experience with being scammed on Facebook.

How Did I Earn that BTC?

I earned the Bitcoin, from a sell  I made, I had something that had attracted a lot of members around 200k peoole and someone showed interest in buying the group , I didn't mind since I got tired of managing it and someone who was with experience and inspiration to take on the task of managing my Facebook group paid me around $780 in Bitcoin and the admin translation went down smoothly. I had my payment and it was reflected in my account while he had the group it was nice.

Weeks Later What Happened Before I got Scammed?

I was searching for stuff online, The habit that most of us do when we have money and slowly things like Google and Facebook algorithm learn of what we have or we slowly lecture their artificial intelligence machines that we have money and they slowly start showing us targeted ads that at times if unaware might catch us off guard and make us get scammed or let us lose money.
So I was busy searching for things weeks went and Facebook algorithm caught up to me.

A Bitcoin  Cointelegraph FB Page  Appeared And They were Running A scam

One day, I was on Facebook  and a strange page I had never seen before appeared and on that page a scam was being run. At first I didn't know much, about the page so I went on Google to search the name of the page which was "Cointelegraph" instantly my search results came up, and I was reading positive reviews like "it is a good Website" 

What I didn't know was, they were talking about it being a good Bitcoin news Website and not necessarily the thing I was searching for. I was searching to see if there so called Bitcoin Dollar promotion was real or not.  In my quest for seeking more proof , I messaged one of the accounts that was advocating for compettion , I talked to the person who was on the other end of the world , who convinced me to send my Bitcoins this whole thing happened over Facebook and I eventually tuned the Volume of my music very High and told my self if this is a mistake there is no turning back and I sent $780, I was told to wait for just 20 minutes to get a response from that and it never came. My money was gone and it never came back

Is Facebook algorithm Dangerous?

Facebook artificial intelligence can be very dangerous, when it learns something about you it makes it possible for you to be engaged in things it thinks might be beneficial to you but not all these things are what you needed. Facebook influence in most cases is bad and might bring out the worst results where you might find yourself losing money or getting into trouble you might find hard to recover from.

Did I try to Recover My Money?

I went on  Cointelegraph found some emails to talk to those that run the website over what had happened to me I tried also reaching them on Twitter one ,former editor answered back but was just laughing at the evidence I presented to him to the point when I realised he just wanted to listen to story and wasn't going to do anything in return so I quit trying to get back the money, those scammers who were running the page of 700k likes were very much likely going to hit again but what I did was warn my friends not to invest in things called doublers because that is like simply giving Money to thieves who are asking to steal from you. I eventually blocked the page and moved on with my self.

Last advise
We shouldn't be loose and always keep our heads up even when we are on Facebook. Every time we are using Facebook if learns things about us and that knowledge can be used for good or it can do us harm .The ads Facebook feed us might one day do us harm and like me we might have no one to cry to.  So let's try to stay safe and take care when we are using Facebook.

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