How I Got My First 1000 Viewers On A single Video on YouTube

How I got my first 1,000 viewers on a single YouTube video

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My first 1000 viewer video

A lot people tell you, create useful content on YouTube, once you have made useful Content Upload atleast 20 to 30 videos and you are more likely to monetorilize your channel after a few Social media promotion tricks.

Well I'm not here to tell you that that doesn't work ,it does but it's also best to know how I reached my first 1000 viewers video on my Channel ACE VID and learnt to do it over and over and over gain. Actually I just repeated it 20 times to reach a max of 20,000 viewers with my 4 videos.

I joined YouTube in 2018,  I did so because I just thought it would be interesting to join and  Make videos of me drawing and from 2018 to 2019 I haven't been that much productive. 

What tools did I use?

I first started using Filmora  PC version.  Where I simply went to the record on screen activity and started my jounery as a video producer and creator.

Well I didn't have many design softwares in my PC so I began my journey humbly using Windows Paint . I made several awesome drawings and animations with the software. It was exciting but what I wanted was having viewers and if by chance reaching my first ever 1000 viewers well ,it seemed such and impossible tasks at the time since not a lot of people go on YouTube and search how to draw things using Windows paint , so I struggled a lot when it came  being seen ironically on a platform of over 2bn  people.

What happened for me to change my approach?

Still in 2018, I downloaded a none copyright tool called Krita and my first ever drawing was a realistic looking hyena. I had never seen Krita to mean anything to me since I thought people would find it hard to follow through what I was doing with the software and I never made toturials about Krita in fear that what ever I do people shall be disgusted with it and wouldn't probably love me for doing what I sought out to do. So I ignorantly resorted in making videos about Drawing on Windows paint and Had to struggle with getting viewers even on my finest most refined work of art. Not to brag but at times I'm really good at drawing.

This other day as I was was drawing so I  decided to record a video of myself creating something using Krita, honestly among the best choices of my life. I used my mouse to draw what I could later call a logo. It wasn't much , to be honest and I was just doing it for fan and I thought it was high time I changed my approach or something. So after 1 whole year of fruitlessly trying to make things work on YouTube I had gotten bored of my same approach and throught changing my approach would redefine my success. So in those 16 minutes if not 20 minutes. I did something I had not done before I recorded a videos , showed it to a friend and thought what the heck with a few amateur edits I decided to uploaded it during the mind night hours as my school WiFi wasn't tripping.

What Happened Next?

Well, I  didn't bother much, I was calm I didn't even think I had figured it out I just thought I have made a video like any other video and like any other video it's not going to go anywhere or reach 1000 viewers, but for the first time in my life I was actually wrong about something. The video I made which honestly had just 1-2 tag , reached 1,000 viewers, I was amazed of course it took it time but that kind of statics was beautiful to see and quite encouraging. I used to ask my friend every day to check what rank I was on and all the time he used to say you are ranked 1 when I search on my side, well , I was also ranked one on my side and you couldn't imagine the Joy I felt It was good to watch something you didn't expect to happen be something that opened so many doors and kinda made a humble kid proud.

Copying success

I copied what I did and did it over and over again, well I just tried redoing it for 4 times and the same thing happened I found my self watching those simple 4 videos reach over 1000 viewers and it is very exciting to reach 1000 viewrs on YouTube over and over again.

I will tell you my secret

Firstly you need , to experiment with things. Don't just stick to one thing. Experiment explore new areas, use new tags and sometimes just go crazy without yourself.
The moment something works for you , make sure it  you redo it over and over and over again.

I'm not rich and famous for now but I have high hopes that one day I might get where I want. All I need to do is figure out what else do to . To monetorilize my channel and get those dollars rolling.

My first 1000 views Video

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