Google Next Update Might Change The Way The Internet Works

Google chrome shall ditch Third-party cookies in it's next update a move that might affect millions of people , thousands of music Websites that rely on adversiting and redefine Internet advertising.

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Google in this update if all goes well,it's going to ditch third party cookies. This will make the most popular web browsers to rewrite the rules of web browsing and might make it alot harder to traffic user data. But this might actually benefit Google more. For what seems to be a historical win for privacy might actually help Google to tighten it's grip on the adversiting industry and ultimately the web.

Other people have critisised the move and some regulators have said  the move puts at risk small advertising firms which might go out of business and harm Websites that rely on advertising to earn money. The implimentation of this lastest  update shall be invisible for most people but behind the scene Google is working its way to the top.

Google to achieve this , plans to put Chrome in control of some parts of the adverting process. To achieve this it plans to use browser based Machine learning to your browsing history and categorize people into groups of similar interests.

Bennett Cyphers a technologist of civil liberties group the Electronic Frontier Foundation voiced out his thoughts on the development “They're going to get rid of the infrastructure that allows individualised tracking and profiling on the web, They're going to replace it with something that still allows targeted advertising – just doing it a different way.”

In this advancement Google plans to replace Third-party Cookie's which  from it's privacy Sandbox,  which is a set of propals for improving online adverts without compromising the ad industry. Apart from getting rid of the third part ads the  privacy Sandbox also deals with ad fraud and reduces the amount of  CAPTCHAs people see. some Google critics say many of  the proposals are an improvement in the current setup and good for the web.

The Sandbox  privacy proposals are in early development and Google is still experimenting with some of the suggested things while others are being put in action.

(The Sandbox concept  is discussed  Here)

Google chrome removal of third party cookies won't be the first and other big web browser that are just behind Google chrome have already done this Mozilla for instance removed third party ads in 2017 blocking and at present it blocks around 10 Billion trackers daily . Safari of apple also limited trafficking.

If Google chrome goes through with the process, it will help people in terms of privacy but people are yet to know if using artificial intelligence to Group users according to there interest could be beneficial and what if the system might discriminate other people?


The world is changing and even the advertising system has to go through necessarily reforms. When we are visiting websites be it music websites where we just want to download a sound track or play a music audio, or watch a music video we face these third party trackers that  collect our data and use it against us. So may be this move is something that's going to the right direction.

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