Facebook against Trump Now tensions with Australia

Facebook current behavior is slowly leading to it's downfall from removing Trump, banning political news feed, Cencoring people, and now the Australian news media blacklash

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I have covered a few of the events that were going on  with Facebook and they  are apparently leading to Facebook present  Break down as it's  making choices that involve intense Censorship or silencing voices in its Platform that went against it's so called polices.

My previous articles were some what prophetic on the basis which showed that the growing tendency of Facebook to close down and silence voices that did not follow their narrative for instance removing former president Donald Trump was just the tip of the iceberg .

If you hadn't yet noticed it, Facebook literally had a team monitoring Trump and making choices wether he should be permanently removed and his account banned for life from ever being on Facebook . The person who was trusted with the position of monitoring Trumps Facebook account was later on fired when the riots occured.

Facebook has been active in removing and changing it's algorithm and the changes that it has been making are a direct slap to some businesses. It has taken so many steps in trying to silence Political minded people. For instance  Facebook also made choices to remove political  groups from showing up on people's  feeds.

Alot of people have themselves been blocked multiple times for participating in groups that were full of trump supporter citing the fact that, they might be sharing fake information. Facebook Cencorship really intensed and all that which has happened made way for more issues to surface.

Website owners who were writting about the things that were going on also Faced some backslash from Facebook. For instance my Website Keepit Music which also enjoys writting about politics. We   have had our urls removed or marked as scam for no good reason, just because we were writting truthful content of the things that were happening on Facebook and were those things might be  leading.

 A huge group called Joe Biden is not my president which has over 2 million members had it Self fell under Facebook Cencorship and it was closed permanently for failure to comply to Facebook policies. Trump supporters were the ones who made the majority of the groups members and even those the large group was closed similar groups faced some type of Facebook jail time. Were users where not allowed to comment and Facebook forcibly included post approval to give administrators extra work.

Now Facebook and Australia in the news crush 

Australia news media Companies have noticed what they think is an injustice by the tech media Gaint and thought it wise to introduce rules that shall allow their media companies to earn money while they share news on Facebook.

Why is this so?

Journalism since they rise of the internet age has been struggling and most Journalists have suffered to make ends meet, the majority of Australians rely on Facebook for news and since most Australian news media companies post things on their pages. Facebook has undoubtedly been the main source of news in Australia. 

In the internet world content is money , what ever people post is equal to money. Facebook is given value  by the media Companies when they post content. In brief the relationship of Facebook and news media companies  was like this , every url or news link that is posted on Facebook might be subjected to Facebook traffic and some of the people can click the link to  be directed to news websites  and the media companies themselves earn money from advertising revenue or subscriptions.

Facebook defense

Facebook before it blicked first, made a defence saying news media companies benefit more than Facebook and that the traffic it gives to them is of  great Value so there is no need to pay news media companies anything.

What followed in the past few days before Facebook reversed it's decision

At the moment Facebook has reversed it's stand on the issue but not after going forward with its plan of banning Australian news media websites from sharing their content on the platform since they want to be paid for doing so and Facebook wasn't going to get down on its kneels and listen to the demands made by the  Australian news media platforms. Atleast at the moment it wasn't but now it has reversed it's stand.

Facebook has at the moment decided to change its mind on banning Australia news from it's plaftom

Facebook has reversed it's stand at banning Australian news media companies from sharing their content through Facebook since they requested payment for Doing so. Facebook after getting some backlash from politicans and multiple well known people who voiced out their concern over the matter decided to reverse their currect stand on the issue and decided to go forward with Australians demand.

The fears of Facebook  and what Australian movement might spark

Australia media movement is somewhat a wake up call for everyone in this world the big tech Websites have become very dominant in controlling a lot of the world internet traffic and most news organisations are very much struggling to make ends mate, platforms like Google and Facebook have a big Chuck of search traffic it's almost like we can't live without them, which is wholey true so we have no choice to work through them in getting where we won't but by doing so life is still not easy. While they are earning millions even with our content we are hardly making a living out of what we are doing. 

So Australia move to push forward with the demands it had for Facebook might be a wake up call for all of us, it is only only Australia struggling rather so many news media companies out their who might have potential are going through the  same dillema as did Journalist in Australia.

The argument that Australian news media platforms made

Australia made a complying argument against Facebook ,  news the content which established respected news organisations share own Facebook makes Facebook a reliable source of trustworthy news were people can go to and read. It helps in the combat of fake news and does make the world a better press for everyone.

Did Australia counter when Facebook blocked the news pages?

Australia countered when  by making a news app that had even  went viral as downloads are concerned in Australia surpassing  Facebook own app. Now Facebook has reversed it's decision so there is no telling where things shall go from   now on forward.

Facebook strict way of carrying things might lead to it's decrease in influence

Facebook recent actions have been things to raise eye brows  on . The firm is making decisions that will definitely impact it's future and these choices are in no doubt changing how the internet shall work.


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