Elon Musk Is Now the Richest Man on Earth Networth 180bn

Elon Musk is now the second richest man in the whole world after Surpassing fellow Billionaire Jeff Bezzo and now he has a net worth of 180bn

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Elon Musk is Now the Richest Person on Earth 

Elon musk the visionary Tech enterpeuer has Surpassed fellow Billionaire Jeff Bezo to become the world richest man on the planet with a Networth of 180bn

Elon musk who will turn 50 years old this year, has had a very good year interms of the growth of his companies. As Telsa shares have grown to 700% perfect making it worth more than 500bn in some sense he can manage to buy forde, Ferrari, and vorcewagon and still have some money left.  Elon Musk at the moment is worth 180bn and that has made it possible for him to Surpass Amazon CEO to become the world richest man Alive

How much was Elon Musk Worth in 2020?

Elon musk  in January 2020 was roughly at 27bn but he has grown that  into hundreds of billions. As his attitude towards how he treated business and his workers provided to beneficial in raising himself above the rank

What is Elon Musk attitude ?

Elon Musk says it's not always about money rather doing what shall benefit the world. As a child his mindset was oriented by sci-fi  books he read in South Africa where he was born and grow up before he left for college to study in Canada aged 17. He says when you have the right thing going and you do not focus on money money shall follow. 

Elon Musk and risk taking

Elon musk is a man who has taken more risk than Alot of people , in his 30's he made and sold two companies PayPal and Zip which made him earn around 200 million USA dollars , money he didn't all keep but rather invested in both Telsa and Space X. Both these companies where relatively small and Telsa did not start of on a good note, a lot of people did not believe in his ideas nor saw his vision in the companies . There was even a time when Elon Musk would have sold Telsa to Apple but some how the CEO of Apple did not buy Telsa yet now Telsa is worth 700% of what it used to be valued then.

How many companies does he Own?

Elon Musk Owns a lot of companies, and the most prominent and most notable ones are Telsa, Space X which is valued at 100bn as of now, boring tunnel , and Neuro link company and several others.  With Tesla he really took it a very long way, went through the struggles of design flaws yet managed to risk what ever he had in making things work .

Elon Musk And Iron Man

It's said that Iron Musk inspired the iron Man character or is some what much alike with him. For starters, he is tech driven and also a billionaire so idealistically Elon Musk is our real live Iron Man, a crazy Genius who takes risks to deliver to the world what might be beneficial.

Is Elon Musk thinking of Taking people To Mars?

AS Crazy as this seems he strongly believe people should colonies Mars and he is so determined that he thinks dying with billions in his back account would mean he did nothing while he was on earth and like Bill Gates he  believes that, a meaningful life and death should mean he should die with less of what he has and invest it in world changing developments. So far he seeks to send men to Mars by 2026. And the likely hood of this happening is very high since after all he owns A space Exploration company that is even partnering up with NASA and there  missions so far have shown great promise and have made men believe again in themselves that they can have that great leap again but on a reddish planet.

Elon Musk and His fair share of Scandals

Elon Musk might be a visionary Tech enterpeuer and a Genius for that matter but he isn't short of Scandals, despite him being the richest man in the whole world apparently. He is found of talking to much on Twitter and posting things that at one point wipped off 14bn  on Telsa Money he managed to gain later. Back in 2018 he also made a Twit that got him penalised and he had to pay about 20 million to compaset for the demage he caused when he said Tesla shall go public. Though Elon Musk isn't short of Scandals his attitude doesn't seem to affect the growth rate of his Companies nor his money apparently.

Elon Musk View on College Education

Elon Musk isn't a fan of college education, he once said "College is just for Fan" while he was asked what his thoughts where when it comes to attaining a degree, Elon Musk carries this same mindset when it comes to Employing workers to work in his company. He values skill more than he values degrees and stressed people should indeed study but at the end of they day true talent is what sets peoole apart.

Elon Musk and His colonising Mars idea.

Elon isn't short of dreams for instance he strongly believes in Mars named missions as early as 2026 and that where he is , he can make it possible to even develop completely self driven cars. Elon believes Crypto currency shall also be the money acceptable on Mars  crypto currency like Bitcoin which at the moment of writting this article it's valued at $38,000.

To concluded

Elon Musk, might not be best at everything but he showed surely motivate us all to strive for and try to achieve even when we are going against all Odds. When we see Musk we shouldn't see a person who had it all when he was young rather someone who was filled with dreams and lived to accomplish them as he aged. 


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