CEO Talandira wishes You a Merry Christmas

Talandira Ngaiyaye CEO of Keepit Music says Christmas is a time of self reflection, we should reinvent ourselves, learn to share love and show untold gratitude while we remind those close to us how much "We love Them"

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Mercy Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, 2020 has been both Exciting and quite challenging , the whole world has faced challenging times dealing with Covid-19 and several other Crisis for instance India dealing with seasonal flooding and  nations like China and USA have had their own kind frustrations caused by the  trade war.

But that being said, Christmas is still a time set for us to celebrate and best of all a chance for us to reflect on life, our short comings spend time with family and friends . Almost Everyone celebrates or knows Christmas of course we do it for our own reasons others religious ones, others cultural and traditional I don't judge , but the power that is is with Christmas is that we as humans come together and it's quite rare for us to live in the same spirit , the Christmas spirit. 


What to do on Christmas?

 Christmas is that special time that only comes once a year and yap only one 25 December. You won't ever have a year like 25 December 2020. It's the only one and you have to make the most out of it , yet how to make the most of  Christmas, what to do on Christmas?


1. Spend time With Family

Spend time with family, family is everything, imagine a relationship we did not select but we all know its where we belong , send time with family and reflect on how to beta your selves making sure not to take the frustrations of last year to the next


2. Visit friends

Visiting friends , is a lovely way to pass Christmas time , being with the ones you love and hold dear is exciting they remind you of who you are and they germs are the very ones you should keep for next year

3. Go on a vecatioon

Their is a reason why, you are given a holiday at work, it's that you should take yourself for a holiday, yes take those family and friends out to for a holiday celebrate , spend time wisely .make memorable memories , reflect on life away from the depressing walls of your work place.

4. Visit the poor

Trust me, Christmas is all about caring, love , forgiveness, and making the most of your resouces in helping other people, share that happiness with people the moment you share your Joy you have learnt the true value of the Christmas spirit.


I wish you a happy Merry Christmas remember , humanity should lead your decisions in this time of the year, self reflection is Paramount it will help you become more beta than you already are and make full use of this privilege you have been given.


Us from we are pleased to have you around and shall be glad to always stay intouch with you , always updating you on what's trending and what's new 

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