Bunny Wailer the Reggae Music Legend has Died Aged 73

Bunny Wailer, the legendary Musician who founded The Wailers with his childhood friend Bob Marley, has just died aged 73 after never fully recovering from a stroke which he got In 2020.

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The musician was a childhood friend  of famous music star Bob Marley and they both founded The Wailers. Musician Bunny Wailer grew up in Kingston, Jamaica.

Both Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer achieved international recognition with their Reggae hits like Simmer Down and Stir it Up, but later on the late Bunny broke away from the group to venture on solo in the year 1973.

In 2017 he was given an award, "Jamaica's Order Of Merit" and he also won About 3 Grammy awards.

The cause of death for Bunny Wailer is unknown but in the year 2020 he was hospitalized for having stroke and has been since struggling with health issues.

Manager Maxine Stowe and 
Jamaica Culture Minister Olivia Grande confirmed the death of Bunny Wailer.

Tributes have been given by a lot of people across the globe mostly from his fans and some of them are calling him a legend.

The Jamaican Prime Minister also paid tribute, calling the death of Bunny Wailer a tragedy that has struck the nation and the Reggae industry.

Bunny Wailer was the last surviving member of The Wailers group since the other 2 had already passed on. Bob Marley died of cancer in the year 1981 and Peter Tosh was murdered during a robbery that took place in the year  1987.

Bunny Wailer, who's real name was Neville O'Riley Livingston, was born on 20 April 1947 in Livingston and spent his life living in a village Called Nine Miles, where he stayed with his father Thaddeus, who happened to be the owner of a small grocery store.

He met Bob Marley at Nine Miles and they grew up to be very good friends and used to make music at school.  They all went to the same primary school and also high school, "Stepney Primary and Junior High School", and in all these places they were making music together.

When Bob Marley's father died, the mother of Bob Marley went in to live with Wailer's father and both Bob Marley and Wailer grew up together as half brothers.

After they moved to Livingston the two  Musicians Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer met Peter Tosh  and formed a group called "The Wailing Wailers". It is said that the name was given because Bob Marley accused the others of crying a lot.

Livingston at the time was filled with so much poverty that at the time the group could hardly afford to buy the things they needed, to the point that Bunny Wailer built his first guitar out of a bamboo, the fine wires from an electric cable and a large can.

The group was lucky to have Joe  Higgs near them, because he took them in and helped them refine their music by adding 3 talented other vocalists and he also shortened their name to “The Wailers”. Joe Higgs is known as the "Grand Father of Reggae Music".

In the December of 1963 The group went to a studio called Coxsone Dodd's where they recorded a song called  Simmer Down, which Bob Marley wrote to address people of the vision he had for violence-torne Livingston.

The song became an instant hit and made it to Jamaican number 1 spot because it was relatable, and it carried the group to the top. They later released other memorable songs before Bunny Wailer chose to exit the group in 1973. He said the touring life style was going against his Rasta life style as he was under pressure to eat processed foods.

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