A Lockdown Sex Party Has Ended A Euro Hungarian MP

Jozsef Szajer A Hungarian MP Made Front page News When he was found to be taking part in a forbidden gay Sex Party

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Jozsef SSzajer was a well known prominent Political figure, His intellegence quick thinking and distinctive attitude set him apart as one of the political elites  and also made him respected and quite honored by his comrades in his Party. But now he has found himself in deep waters and it's a question of hypocriticay as to how would a man who was on the full front helping draft the prohibition of  the Hungarian constitutional of gay marriage found himself in a room full of gays? And partying in what has been commonly known as seksfeest (sex party)? As described by the  Flemish magazine.

The arrest has sent shockwaves across the Nation, has it continues to make front page news and have undoubtedly made Mr.SSzajer feel ashamed of himself.  

Did Mr. SSzajer Try to Escape?

Mr. SSzajer shamefully and unsuccessfully tried to escape from the police who went to the forbidden gay party to shut it down. It was reported that he unsuccessfully tried to climb down a drain pipe and flee away. 

The sex party was wrong in so many levels for instance, it breached Lockdown rules set due to the Covid-19 epidemic that  forbid unnecessary gatherings be it parties of Naked men having sex and drinking the night off. While aware of the health implications the sex party imposed Mr. SSzajer  still went on and attend the sex party which had about 25 people who were drinking and having a good sexually active time.

What has Mr. SSzajer Done since then?

Mr.SSzajer who happens to be the  founding member of the authoritarian, ultra-conservative Fidesz movement, said his "mis-step" was purely personal and it shouldn't be seen as a reflection on his homeland or political community. 

Thinking of the intensity of what has happened there is little doubt if wise Hungarians will take him for his word.

Mr. SSzajer also stepped down from his position of being a member of parliament before the news of the sex party leaked to the public . It's such a pity that now people aren't puzzled as to why he stepped down since they are now aware that his Political Career is over

What happens at Gay Sex parties?

Davis Manazhleley  describes what happens  "we talk a little, we drink a little, like in a café  "The only difference is that in the mean time we also have sex with each other. I don't see what's wrong with that."

Dismissal From the Other party members

The response from Fidesz leader Viktor Orban on the matter to the reports from Belgium was swift and straight forward. " Mr.SSzajer actions was uncalled for, they have no bearing in our political values while his contribution to the party won't be forgotten his actions and decisions in engaging himself in this sex part is unacceptable. The Hungarian prime Minister finished his statement.

The Cultural Gap

The host of the party made some complains as to how the police conducted the shut down of the party. He said "They were saying , Your ID's , let's see your ID's while the participants weren't even in there underwear."

They are mostly being charged for the threat of health implications that the sex party imposed on Hungarians citizens . Despite the host of the party arguing that he had nurses around to conduct Covid-19 testing regularly while people where naked and having a good time at the party.

Hungurians have a long way to go when it comes to acceptance of the LGBT community, ever since 1960 when the LGBT community spwan into  public movement Hungarian is still steps behind in accepting these strange people as the new Norm. It might be that Hungarian culture is too rooted in the past to accept the rapid changing present that in doing so , the party fears to lose the majority of it's supporter who believe that Same sex marriages is unacceptable.

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