5 Reasons why Musicans should not share their music audios through WhatsApp

This habit honestly needs to stop because so many people are wasting time. When they are sharing their hard work on WhatsApp for free.

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Music is an art, Musicans have value they create beautiful sellable content but in Africa and other places there is a growing habit that is paralysing the growth of some Musicans.
In a recent blog post of mine on Keepit Music, (Click link here) I tried to give me sightful reasons why sending audios through WhatsApp isn't only wrong , and bad for your music career but it's also space and time Wasting. This article shall address the 5 top reasons on why I think it's a waste of time to  be sending mp3 songs as a musician on WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp is End to End

WhatsApp is a messaging app that's what is, you can't send a file on WhatsApp and hope to go viral? Send your Music files on WhatsApp to who ever it is that you are sending to know that it will not lead you anywhere, unless it's a manager but in terms of a fan it's a great waste of energy and time. While you are doing that have in mind there are thousands music Sharing platform where you can have an impact with your work and not in the way you are doing

2.The Mp3 file  eats space,

it doesn't get anymore serious than this, your mp3 files eventually eats up space in your phone let's say you have tones of phone memory and this won't be a problem but it is a problem when you don't now when you want to manage your space or keep it at a convenient leave forget sending mp3 files on WhatsApp since a double is made and  3mb turns to 6mb.

3. There are tones of Music sharing websites out there

Why waste your time sharing via WhatsApp? When there are websites like SoundCloud? Spotify? Websites were you can upload your music and as any Musican dream get famous and earn money while doing it? Now change the habit of sending the music files on WhatsApp you won't go viral if you do but you can go viral on SoundCloud if you give it a chance. Besides it was ranked 100 worldwide. All those famous people upload music there .

4. You are giving it for Free

You aren't only losing money which you could have earned through royalties on Spotify but you are  literally losing money for giving out the audio files for free, you are a musician instead of directing your audience to a place where they can buy your songs you are literally handing the mp3 files for free and my question is what do you seek to achieve?  You most certainly going to achieve nothing.

5. You won't go viral you won't be known

Every musician fancies going viral, hitting Around 1,000 viewers on a track in record time but how are you going to reach this milestone achievement if you are sending files on WhatsApp? It doesn't only ruin your chances of Making it out as a musician kick starting your music career but you ruin your chances and waste your time and mobile data. Sending to one music artists fan won't pay the bills.Do what shall pay the bills .


I believe every Musicans should value his music and learn to stop this habit of wasting time when his talents can be appreciated elsewhere

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