Writting For The Internet

Writting for the internet is a skill you need to learn and Master. The internet has it's own unique way of writting. Things like SEO knowledge is required you might be dealing with a music business or any kind of online company, that might require you to write for them so it is important to learn how to write for the internet

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Writting for the internet

We all have a dream and when it comes to the internet it's general knowledge to believe that, the dream is to get our thoughts out there to the world for all to see. 

Dreams like owning  a popular money magnet Website that shall not only support itself by generating revenue but also help people in the process.

 We all desire that kind of dream life, as we adore those few individuals who have been our inspiration as we ourselves are Currently chasing our dreams, but being famous or getting known on The Internet is not easy and it's less likely going to happen over night!

 Other few people do get lucky by going viral maybe by posting a video of themselves singing and all the sudden they become known by people across the world and get the recognition they deserved but for most of us we have to approach things with brains. Even if you are talented writer the internet unfortunately has rules set in place by big Tech sites like Google, Facebook, apple and many other big ones have made rules that govern and control our free internet so we have to sadly learn the Technics that are need to write for the internet.

Why learn how to write for the internet?

Writting for the internet, or on the internet is important to learn because once you are skilled or equip yourself with the talent to effectively on the internet your voice is going to be heard by the masses and you shall gain the internet recognition that you surely deserve. Others have different sets of talent for instance they are Musicans out there who know how to sing and sre good at it but they are failing to bring life to their music by contacting or reaching out to their fans because they don't know how to properly. Write for the internet or on the internet.

Why is writting on the internet a skill that needs learning

Writting on the Internet is a skill that definitely needs learning and for so many good reasons. Being able to write is one thing but writting online might be a while new business. The internet is a little more demanding than the usual writting we do on some areas, have in mind writting is governed by grammar and when you are writting on the internet you shall also consider some extra rules and be conversant with things like Search Engine Optimisation in short (SEO) If you do not write well on the internet you might be hardly visible and fail to make an impact while you see your friends and your role models the good life they  have earned through hard work and smart writting.

Who should learn how to write on the internet

 Almost all persons alive who are capable of writting should in my person believe learn or have some experience  writting online , they should try owning blogs and just knock themselves out publishing a few things on their own sites but they shouldn't waste much of their efforts on social media cause it might not be worth the effort.

 Social media   sites like Facebook won't pay for their content and writting on such a platform makes it very hard to monetorilize content and you won't know the  true of your articles.

The person's who should equip themselves with the skills of writting online are, SEO specialist,  journalist, Websites owners, artists,  music artists, YouTubers,  Bloggers, Kids at school.

Writting online is important and the internet is ours 

It's  common sense to know that any information we see online has actually been written and published by someone else somewhere who took the time and effort to sit down do some wonderful research and deliver to us the master piece. This communicates to us how important the internet is and that it is also In our power to contribute and also share our views with the world.

Why these various people should learn how to write online


YouTubers are the people who upload stuff on YouTube mostly videos and others upload audio prodcasts , it is important for YouTubers to learn and equip themselves with the kills of writting online because even on YouTube it is important to write a catchy description that shall attract.   The right keywords might help in music video or prodcasts visibility. That way aid you in your quest of Making a difference or making a name for yourself.

Musicans who work online

Musicans who want to make it online on any of the world most famous websites even YouTube itself must learn how to write for the internet. Effective communication is very beneficial and it helps people go all the way to the top. When you are writting you are encoding a message with it is a motive something you want a response to. Let's take this example"You have made a nice song which you have decided to upload on SoundCloud for the song to be an instant hit you have to put in the right keywords, you have to write the perfect description, so many factors might come into play but if you manage to  write onkinen skillfully you will have much luck getting noticed than those who do not follow the rules of writting online.

Bloggers and websites owners

Bloggers and website owners must learn how to write online if they want to be visible, If they want to earn money though ads or if they are to be able to attract costumers to their websites which might even be a shop online platform or completely for News purposes. Writting online follows some key rules that these people must follow. Failing to follow these rules can be hazardous for development. 

Google algorithm values good Content it ranks it based on its importance and depth of research done. A blogger and a websites owner must learn How to write for the internet  Technics if his to make it in the internet company world.


Journalist should learn writting for the internet, the world is now very demanding and digital news is on the rise and since the medium to which the news are going to be shared is the internet , a journalist should learn how to create or write in accordance to rules that govern article writting Optimisation.

Kids should learn how to write for the internet

We strongly believe mixing things up a little at school and Also giving a chance for students to publish things online could by far help inspire a new generation of talented young people who have first had experience on how they can contribute to the internet and also share their knowledge with others people world wide.

Rules that govern writting for the internet

Writting for the internet is an art that involves thinking outside the box, studying data which might involve Keyword research and lastly hope that your piece might go all the way. The following are some of the known rules of writting on the internet

 1.  Posts should have good Grammer
 2. Post should be unique
 3. No copy right content
 4. Should be optimised for search engines
 5. Post  contain Keywords


Follow these tips to allow yourself make an impact on the internet, writting on the internet is s very powerful skill that might be the thing you need to set you apart from everyone


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