Non fungible token is the new way to make money online

Non fungible token is being used to buy ownership of digital Assets online either tweets or your artwork. Many prominent figures have also taken interest in these tokens that use Blockchain technology

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1. Do you know about Non fungible token?


Well Jack the Twitter CEO  earlier own this month had put his first ever Twitter post on Sale and bid same in for it interested buyers offered up to 2.5 million USA dollars to buy the so called digital ownership from an already made Billionaire.

The tweet which was posted in 2006 literally has this mere words "I'm just sitting up my twitt"

Non fungible token has been seen to be the new norm when it comes to buying ownership of digital art . The technology used for the tokens is the same as that of Bitcoin for they all use Blockchain technology to keep track of the records when it comes to getting translations gone.

The non fungible token was first introduced in 2017 and it has grown in popularity and several well known people have sold their digital artworks for bids up to 6 million USD

A meme was also sold though the NFT (this is what they are called in short) for about $600,000.

This reminds me of the day I read something on the news about a mere banana being sold for $90,000 which was later eaten by Someone of course this wasn't NFT related but you would be amazed with what people are sending on things.  Selling a darktaped banana for $90,000 and eating it later. 

A similar incident has occured were this famous art which a lot of people have been it's ownership through the Non fungible token. This one in particular sold for $380,000 and then later burnt in a live stream once it was sold. Of course this art does not ruin it's value at all cause it's all about digital ownership and you can even reproduce work without getting any kind of penalty for your actions.

Others have critisised the actions of the ones who burnt the art on a live stream calling it a punk or a stunt to become famous 

Others are calling the burning of the art to be the expression of art itself saying they are sending a message to people that those who are buying the piece of work aren't well minded

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