How To rank Higher Than A Website with A million Backlinks

This detailed article shall help you learn how you can Surpass your competitors who might have A million Backlinks than you

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Thousands of people follow a dying strategy. Your top competitor might have millions of backlinks working for them and Should  know that  You can't win if you are following the same strategy they are using. You can only win when you develop your own you unique way of doing Things. This article will equip you with knowledge on how you can go about your SEO strategies to talk well on Google or even beat that Website with a million Backlinks ( follow also my concept which I call Music SEO Ranking)

Learn to be Unique and you will succeed

Learning to be unique will propel you to the top of the table. Go To a site or use a software 'Keyword research tool'. And  do some queries 'search for Keywords'. Once that's done  try to check  as much as possible to strategically add the Keywords  in your articles. When doing this you will realise that your competitors dominate  some Keywords So much so, that it hinders your progress to rank for them.Trying to rank for those Keywords can  at a point seem impossible and you will just be out matched.

So try to use longtail keywords which shall very much help your site Ranking and also try  giving unique names to your concepts for example talk about a relatable concept about backlinks call it 'Music SEO Ranking' I tried this, once and the Keywords got me to position 2 on Google Ranking. When you give a unique name to a concept it also becomes easy to get backlinks as people can write your Concept name when referring back to you.

Longtail keywords are keywords that people search for and shall be searching for in for a very long time but they aren't in bulk  search volume like the famous short keywords for instance Music, free Music, Free Music Mp3. And since my site is Music related I don't expect to conquer with such Keywords I will rather try something different to rank for.

A longtail keyword is most of the time a long sentence or phrase  which sometimes people periodically search for . For Instance  'music SEO Ranking' I made this word and it helped me rank  on position 2.  A longtail keyword words helps with website visibility and in the long run they can help you get closer and closer to your compettion despite them having over millions of Millions in backlinks.

Do websites with A million Backlinks cheat?

Having millions and millions of backlinks doesn't always mean they are cheating. Some think their are alot of institutions or companies that have so many backlinks and they gained them through fraud. ( Gaining backlinks through buying them)  Google is  against such behaviors and punishes website owners who buy backlinks.

Your compettion might have not brought the backlinks but earned them over time.

Things That Helped Them Achieve A Million Backlinks

Despite not ruling out the fact that they might have cheated let's consider some of these facts that have helped them get so much authority over time.

How long have they been in business

Maybe you haven't thought of this but they have been in business for a while and being in business for such a long time does help one have a head start . Just to mention some advantages for Instance think about the BBC's News Website. You can't rule out it's existence dating back to the early ages of the internet? The BBC news Website has over 600,000 backlinks as the time of writting this article.

How did they accumulate so many backlinks?

They got them with their obvious hardwork being in business for a very long time, helps people reach out to more people therefore get those precious backlinks. The more time they have been in business the better their chances are over you. It's that simple, most have accumulated backlinks over the years made,they made a lot of  content that mattered and which got shared over and over Again. Those shares and references from other websites to them where what set them apart.

 Apple has over a millions backlinks and a domain authority of 100%. You can't really blame them and call apple a cheater , the company is worth trillions of Dollars, they make products which they rank for and yes the products are very expensive. But you have to understand that it's their products that Helped them rank on Google and get backlinks. You can't be like Apple or BBC news website in just a day? Nor a month? It shall take  Months for you to achieve such a rank. And to do so it shall require hard-working dedication, sleepless nights and a sense of where you are going. 

Learning  their weaknesses to counter attack

When you are monitoring your competion either through Alexa Ranking href,hyperstat, moz, seeing what makes them standout. And the Keywords they rank for you will eventually figure out what they are doing wrong and start to strategically plan on how you can better yourself in those areas.

 Think of it as the David and Gorrath Battle. The only way you can win against a website that has millions of backlinks against yours is if you exploit their weaknesses and wisely turn that knowledge to your advantage . Study data and understand it in a way that you can include it in your own website and make use of it to a point that it helps you get the desired recognition you need. Once you achieve this you can assure yourself that you are heading in the right direction. So get busy and learn all you can.

Understand that the big giant that has over 1 million backlinks can't possibly do everything right , sometimes they are shallow at covering some areas depending on the niche you are in  competition  for. once you realise that this is the case , Go got it attack like a hungry Lion that hasn't eaten In many months, the more you go in detail the more chances you have at Ranking better  on search when such content is searched for and you shall be above your competion with ease and with a little hard work of cause. 

Comment down you suggestions but in our belief everything is possible put the words talked about in this article into practice and you shall see your self excelling. It will take time and  effort but it's exciting and rewarding.

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