Learn how you can increase Your DOMAIN Authority, Page Authority, How you can gain Do follow Backlinks and also No follow Backlinks. Find out the best Website to Gain backlinks for free and the best tools which are available to monitor your website. And know more about Google websites Ranking metrics that shall help you rank on top on Google search.

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If you own a website you have probably realized by now that there are so many things that happen in the background and just like me these things are stressing you out. But trust me you don’t have to be stressed out as much. With a little time and effort your website will most certainly become a power house and you shall achieve what ever thing you created it for.

What is Website Domain Authority (DA) 

Domain Authority is a SEO terminology that means the Power of Your Domain name. The authority your Domain name has helps it to rank higher on google and you get almost instant post indexing whenever you publish articles or content on your website.

Domain Authority has a score that ranges from 0 to 100. Its very rare to find those that have a domain authority of 100. But I know a few major brand that do , brands like Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

Understanding Your Domain Authority

Learning about your own domain Authority is one way of understanding your position in the world wide web, and the best way to find out about your Domain Authority is to use Moz analysis Domain tool.  Here is a little history lesson it is actually Moz who created the Domain ranking, so putting your url in their tool search bar and scanning it shall give you the results you want.

Errors which you might Face and how to resolve them

Sometimes it says, oops no data to be found, don’t worry much about that error message it just means they haven’t corrected much information from your Domain Name or it is relatively New.

 So new things do not have much reputation. To fix this you have to create an account and login into your account once you do that, you can have about 10/10 free Monthly scans which would be enough for you to use, if you are just starting out and also it gives you backlinks information, anchor text do follow backlinks, and other Search engine opportomasation things you might find useful. And you can even buy the paid plan if you want to, it’s all up to you.

Domain Authority and Google ranking

Domain authority and Google search ranking works hand in hand, for instance you might be a very good content writer but if your Domain authority has a small score, the possibility of you getting noticed online, through google search is minimum. But if you have published an article on article sharing platforms like Medium and even Wikipedia. The possibility of that article appealing to people through Google search is very high because Domain Authority even makes ranking for keywords very easy. Wikipedia single articles even trigger around 800 keywords. A little unfair to us, but that is the fact about life but with a little patience you as well can achieve it.

How to increase Domain Authority?

Now that you have gotten the gist of Domain authority importance, it’s time you learn how you can increase your Domain authority.

There are a number of ways to increase your Domain Authority some are good some are a little nice while others are not recommended at all. But if you are someone like me, you are probably someone who likes to do things on his own with a little to no budget so I would recommend the freebies for you but know that it shall take a lot of time for you to actually start seeing a difference in your rankings.

1. Heir a SEO expert to Do the Work for you

Trust the the best and easiest way to increase your Domain Ranking is getting a freelancer or any SEO expert to help you out. But what you need to look out for is someone who is affordable and has a trustable reputation. You can buy freelancer services cheaply on fiverr, but make sure you deal with the right people. Other people might not know what they are doing and end up messing your Domain so badly that google might penalize you.

Remember it takes time to rise in ranks, and do not go for those people how say I will increase your Domain Authority to 40 DA or 50 DA for in less than 2 days. That’s a big red flag right there.

2. Do Guest Posting on Other Websites

Guest posting means you are writing content for other websites and in those articles, you refer to your own site and some point so that you can get some of the traffic and also a little bit of authority to your own Domain. Guest posting has become quite popular in the SEO industry, so much so that other people even charge money for your articles to feature on their platforms because they know it essential for the growth of your website

For example, Forbes website Charges $100 for your articles to feature on their platform. To be honest it is very good money.

We could go all day about Guest posting, since the topic is so vast it could eventually bore you, so I will cut the story short and also share with you some reliable places on which you can guest post and get backlinks, either Do follow or No follow backlinks. 

 My Top 10 Backlink Websites

1.Facebook (Facebook is also a good place to share your URLs, it’s a good place to gain No follow backlinks


2.Pinterest (posting your pictures here shall get you Do follow backlinks that will definitely affect your Domain Authority directly


3. Get Pocket (is a very good place to get Do follow backlinks and you might even achieve earning some website traffic as you do so.


4.Medium (Medium is a little demanding but once you are into writing it will eventually become understandable why, Medium requires you to write Plagiarism free articles which you can then publish. Medium has over 1 million visitors a day and your articles with their links can get exposed to some sweet traffic.


5.Tumbr (Tumblr is also a blogging website, were you can write blogs and share your own website URLs if you share them here, you might get yourself some Do follow backlinks and your Domain Authority will eventually Increase.


6.Wikipedia (Wikipedia despite having hardcore policies which might ,lead to the rejection of your URL, it is by far among the best places to get backlinks from, If you could help in writing articles and share some honest information about very important topics and then put your website link has reference you might get those precious backlinks and increase your website authority.

7.Twitter (Twitter the social media account found, in 2006. Has one of the highest audience reach in the world. Share the URL links to your Twitter audience and you are going to pick up more than 2 backlinks plus when your audience will engage with you and you will eventually rise in rank.


8. Reddit (I’m not a fan of how information is moderated here, but if you could get your URLs approved in one of their communities you are going to earn tones of backlinks that shall be very beneficial for your website Domain Authority growth)

9.Youtube (YouTube can be overlooked at times, but it’s also one of the best places to get backlinks simply post your URL in the video description and a fan or two will link it and be redirected to your own website. If you Keep that up you will gain the exposure you so much need, that will eventually lead to Domain Authority increase.

10. Flickr (Flickr is the best place to get backlinks from it really doesn’t matter whether they are Do follow or no Follow but Flickr website does its Job extremely well. For instance, there is even an option where you can share your Sitemap and the URL pick is automatic how cool is that! so do not forget Flickr when ever you write an article or create a video always share.

3. Buy Expired Domain Names and Link them to Your site

Buying expired domain names is a very great way to increase your own domain authority, expired domain names can be very hard to find but they are very powerful in terms of bringing you traffic to your website and once you refer them to your URL it means they shall share some of that precious authority which they have with your own Domain. 

You can purchase a plan on some expired Domain Alert website and use it to source out expired Domains.

 Basic Things that Influence Domain Authority Ranking

1. The Age of The Domain

The age of the Domain Name, influences the Domain ranking, Older domains tend to have more advantage than Newer Domains, because with age authority grows and Newer domains that have been registered on registrars like GoDaddy, like where I registered my domain Keepit Music have a very long way to go in terms of ranking.

2. The Number and Strength of Backlinks

Backlinks are websites that are referring to your website. The more websites that do this the more chances you have at gaining authority, for example the BBC news website has over 500,000 backlinks all referring to it. And these backlinks will most certainly help it keep its authority. If a website with a DA score of 90 refers to your website which has a lower DA over time your DA shall increase.


 The greater number of backlinks which you get the better your chances are at outranking your competition


3. User activity and Duration on Your website

This also greatly affect your website Domain Authority for instance your users are active and find your content useful so much so that they share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, reddit, and other places you will most certainly enjoy an increase in Domain Authority as time goes since your website shall be considered important to the society.

4. Posting and creating content consistently

Hard work beats talent, if you are creating useful content consistently you will eventually rise in rank there is no doubt about that, if you own a platform like mine, which demands you write almost daily, do so every time you feel like doing it, trust me there is no one who’s stopping you but yourself. I have been writing for Keepit Music for a very long time imagine writing about 70,000 words in 90 days. It makes me happy and I keep on going. Normalize work and work shall become a habit, success a life style.

What Is Website Page Authority or PA

So far, I have talked about Domain Authority but I haven’t talked about Page Authority.  Page Authority is a ranking factor made by Google algorithm this is a way of Google saying we value your website content like this.

The score of Page Authority ranges from 0-100 the most variable one being 100. And like with Domain Authority getting 100 PA is not easy, only a few noticeable websites can achieve such a feet. Mostly Google websites.

The Importance of Increasing Page Rank

Increasing website Page rank goes a long way for your website growth and it is very beneficial in a lot of ways. For instance, a website with a decent page rank can get tones of traffic and even have the privileges of getting fast indexing.

Normally your page rank is always on 0 PA if you are starting out, but as days go by and you keep creating useful content and distribute that Website Page authority evenly you will see an increase in your page Authority for sure.


Ways to improve Page Authority


1. Make sure you post relevant Content

Posting relevant content goes a long way at improving your website authority and also increases the chances where you might score natural backlinks, natural backlinks are backlinks you earn once someone from a certain website refers to your website as a citation source. These are the good kind of Backlinks which you can earn for they come naturally.

2. Create spelling error free articles (be careful with your Grammar)

Grammatical mistakes might make your website to down rank, so always pay attention to the terminology you are using if it is in accordance with your User intellectual ability to digest and understand such terminology.  Getting the right terminology for your audience might aid article share, user site duration, and all this will prepare your website to become the new power house of what ever niche you are focusing on.

3. Do keyword research before you Create content

Researching keywords is a wonderful way to increase your website authority, since you will be aware of what to write, and which words suits your niche.

 Keywords are words or phrases which users, input in a search engine and the search engine points them to content on the internet that has been indexed.

  If you do some keywords research you will find out that they are a number of things you will learn, like ‘it’s not easy to rank to premium keywords which have been ranked by other top websites, so the best way in which you can rank for keywords and earn traffic which shall increase your Page Authority is to go for longtail Keywords. These are phrases that are not common in your particular niche but can be useful when it come to bringing traffic to your website in the long run.

There are a number of free online Keyword research tools which you can use to check out which keywords you could find valuable to rank for and one of those tools are listed below

a. Alexa

b. Keyword research tool

c. SEMrush

d. Href

e. Moz keyword research tool

If you try your best to rank for longtail keywords you will eventually give your website a chance to gain traffic and slowly increase in Page Authority as it’s search visibility increases.

4. Avoid Pregalim When Creating Content

Creating content demands that you should be unique and deliver to your audience expectations. You will be penalized if you copy and paste things from other website for instance you copy a news article word for word on a website like CNN News. The owners of that content can easily report you and again Google algorithm will down rank you, so you might lose much of your precious traffic.

Other Website Ranking Matrixes we haven’t Talked about

There are other ranking Matrixes we haven’t looked at but we shall discuss them in the next post at the moment I just want you to know them.

Alexa ranking: Is also a page ranking factor, this positions your website on a certain Number ranging from 9 million to 1. The Website which is Number 1 has the highest traffic in periods of 90 days. At present Google is Number 1 and hypestat shows that Google has over 52,000,000,000 daily page viewers.

 Some of the websites which have a huge number of page viewers per day are Wikipedia which is number 3, YouTube number 2, Facebook number 6, Soundcloud number 100. And the list goes on. in addition, my website Keepit Music is at present Number 3,570,000 in global traffic, trust me I’m proud of its great progress.

SEMrush ranking factor: This tool ranks your website in rage of (0-100) and also the number of Keywords which your website has and the position they are o determines where your website stands. 

SEMrush is a great tool, which you can use to spy on your friend’s website or your Competitors, studying their data shall by far help you to get better ranking.

Hyperstat:  This tool helps in easily comparing your website with other websites, all you do is input your website URL in the search bar and you can select compare with other websites to see how much you fair. It’s a great tool it shows a lot of information like, Website daily traffic, Website internet reach, the amount of page 

that have been indexed on Both Google, Bring, And the Russian search engine Yandex. It is a great tool try it out and check your rankings in one place.

Href:  This is also one of the top website, you can use to Monitor your website performance around the world. For instance, you can check how many backlinks you have gained, and how many you have lost. Even a glimpse of what your competition is doing.


Running a website can seem hard in away, but once you get through the backlinks, the Page Authority concepts and put into action, your understanding of keywords you will eventually start getting noticed and you might build yourself a power house website that has a very High Domain Authority and a respectable Page Authority.

I hope this article helps and you can always link to it if you need desire to share this wisdom to others.


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