How to Convert Videos Mp4 Files to Mp3 audio Files Using VLC Open-Source Media Software

Vlc is an open source media player software that is famous across all popular Platforms like Linux , windows, and Mac book. This article is going to show you how you can use VLC to convert mp4 movies or music videos to audio files (mp3)

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You are probably aware of how VLC player works but you just know the basic side of it. VLC player is a very popular media player famous around the world almost every Computer user uses it, but did you know that VLC has some hidden fictionality you might have not known before? 


Some Hidden Features on VLC


 With VLC you can listen to Radios, 

You can watch free to Air channels (provided you have internet connection and the right proxy settings inputted in VLC media player

With VLC media player can even take Screenshots while you are playing videos and turn those awesome movie scenes into awesome HD wallpapers (Ever wondered how HD movie wallpapers are made?)

VLC media player can also be effectively used as an amplifier and also a video editor where you can add cool effects to the videos you are watching including 3D effects provide you 

have 3D glasses on still haven’t tried it out yet but I shall 

There is a lot that VLC open-source media software can do but, in this post, I shall teach you how you can use VLC media player to convert a video file (mp4) to an audio file (mp3)

Why is Converting Videos files from Mp4 to Mp3 Necessary   using VLC media Player


There are an obvious number of advantages using VLC as a media converting Software and one of the reasons is that, it’s readily available and there is no need to download external software. So, if someone wants fast work, he can just get started and convert a video to an audio file easily.

The other reason is that, is saves space, no more downloading specialized applications like Format factory to convert your music videos so that you can turn them to manageable mp3 audio files. So, for computers who are dealing with space issues surely VLC open-source media software comes in handy on these regards.

Why you would want to convert your files in the first place  

 Converting music video files to mp3 is the best way to manage space and direct files are needed for different reasons, if you convert your mp4 music videos to an audio edition you can listen to the audios on the go! And they are very manageable that way. 

How to use VLC as a media Converting open-source Tool

1. Open VLC media player 

2. Select (Media) look at the top for options to find it

3. Or you can press these hotkeys (Crtl+R)

If you have been successful, I know you have been its very easy to get this right, actually just press (Crtl +R) and you will open A new window that is called File Selection

4.Press add file and you can locate where the Mp4 video is, might either be a music video or even a movie you would like to turn in to an audio so it’s really up to you. 

You can even use this process to down grade a video file that is not playing well due to low quality and once you select a playable format you can be good to go.

5.Once you have selected the media file you want to convert to Mp3 you can then procced by pressing the (Save/Convert) button at the bottom of the tab.

6.Once that’s pressed you can procced to the converting area where you can select the format that suits your test but here it is quite obvious how to go about it from here.

7. On profiles there is a drop down that shows you the different formats you can select, this shall convert the file you have selected to what ever thing you want so it can be easy for you to turn it to what ever format you want it to be.

8.Below is file Destination button here you can easily tell VLC open-source software where to dump your file once it has completed converting select file destination and you can the select desktop and once it is done it will appear on the Desktop screen.

9. You can also play around with the conversion settings like Display converted file (there is a box you can tick to activate the feature)

10. Place Convert and wait for the VLC play bar to finish reaching the other end. Once that is done you can then Close VCL and carefully search for your file on Desktop screen or any other file directory place you sent it to.

11. Make sure once the bar is done you can exist VLC or it will keep converting for ever LOL.

My experience with VLC


VLC has always been my favorite media player of all time, despite knowing some of the not so hidden wonderful features that are on it, from childhood it had always made an impression on me that makes me go for it despite the fact that I know they are other media players out there.

The reason why I’m such a fan of VLC open-source software is that it is open source, and very easy to use, I think these things make it worthwhile.

Ever since I have had a computer VLC is one of the things are like to download, and Krita blender, Smad Dav antivirus


Without VLC media player I strongly believe any computer is incomplete without it.


VLC Media Player has Only late me Down Once

There was a time when I wanted to view a certain Media format, I think it was Flash I had to download Gorro something player to play the files that I had. That was actually the only time VLC honestly failed to play something I desperately wanted so much. But all in all, that was a one-time thing and in the period of 8 years VLC has been quite excellent in almost every aspect. Simple small efficient.




 In the next posts, I shall talk of the other interesting stuff VLC is capable of doing, including you being able to use it to watch Movies provided you have internet and you are able to put in some nerdy proxy settings to, then you can access the free to air Channels.  If you know of any cool stuff about VLC open source software you can comment it below and please we would definitely want to hear from you.

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