Chasing Backlinks In The SEO industry Might Waste Your Time

Chasing Backlinks might make you to waste your time. I know the popular belief about backlinks working and being beneficial for your website but there is something more beneficial than backlinks which the habit of chasing Backlinks might make you forget "Creating Content" SEO should be more about content creation than Backlinks earning

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I know it's popular belief in the SEO industry that getting backlinks is the best way to make your site known and make it popular, drive traffic and get engagement and even increase sales and that other Companies spend over $2000 a month and others on a standard bases spend about $500 to invest in SEO and get the desired backlinks including the site Optimisation they need in order to stay on top of Google Ranking.All this, so that they can get the majority of the search  traffic (organic). Though this is the case and the reality of our life and our currect  Miserable experience. My inquiry is, what if I tell you something that is an unpopular belief, which is In my findings and  I'm  very much convinced about them that focusing on getting backlinks shall get you nowhere in life and that it will depress you more and this article as I share my experience on the matter.

Are Backlinks worth Chasing?

Is it worth your time to devote yourself to looking for backlinks when you own and ran a small site? Your site like mine might just have 3 to 4 people Working on it and you the main contributor of course learning about SEO is nice and interesting but the main heart of SEO is backlinks for instance I Ran a Music related websites called Keepit Music which is My currect website where this article is from, I'm the one who's tasked creating with creating content and I maybe short on money to heir SEO freelancer who's main Job will literally just get me Backlinks and tell me my Domain authority has increased , My page authority has increased but there shall be no traffic just the number going up. 

So I can't afford to heir such a person since they cost about $250 at minimum or you can find cheaper ones on Fiverr who will charge $50 and shall deliver in about 1 Month since SEO Ranking does not take a days to rank on Google it takes months if not Year , the Gits is it takes a very long time to rank on Google and with your $50 freelancer SEO agent. He or She shall spend  that much time Working on your site what ever site it is to build you Links.

Know this if you devote yourself to link building for your site you are most likely going to suffer, it will depress you to see that your site isn't doing well and when you look at your Alexa Ranking you will notice that instead of going up it will be straggling to rise since you are spending much time trying to link build rather than creating content for your website and let  your site grow as you develop it with your niche cause in my experience that's the best way to get things done

All these people have been lying to you about backlinks

I know what you have been told, and I know what they made you and want you to believe, they told you backlinks are the way to go and the cautioned you on why it is risky to buy backlinks why you should not generate about 50 backlinks a  single day as Google might see that and panish you. Guess what? From what you have been taught of how important backlinks are and how they might impact your site you are already brainwashed in to thinking they are the only thing you should get the only thing you should be doing. Their influence is so powerful that they have demonized you into concreting only on them.

You went online like me Innocently trying to learn what needs to be done to earn backlinks , you should try guest posting. Imagine your self writting over 2000 words for someone else's websites just to get your single link referred back to you? Are you a slave ? Don't you have a life? How hard should life be? You aren't a joke ? Are you ? You have so much to do yet you are busy writting for someone else contributing more highly to them than how they can ever contribute back to you and that truth does hurt me. Surely you want your efforts to be equally rewarded but should scoring backlinks really cause as that much of a headache is it really necessary to suffer like this?  I know you are silently suffering, Having tears and wondering how to just be yourself and do things on your site without worrying much about these other unnecessary things you shouldn't be worrying about and trust me I understand you completely, your frustrations is exactly as mine and surely there is a solution to all this bogus behavior.

I know I said they have been lying to you, yes I truly believe so, they have been telling you to concentrate on pain rather than your own self unique growth, the best way to get a backlink is to create content of your own. Guest posting trust me can be a pain in the neck are you preferred to write over 100,000 articles for people over 10 million words you have to be joking me?

Do the Do follow backlinks last on the website you guest posted

The links are less likely to last that is something you should also be worried about , it's a stupid hard process, I have started to believe less and less in these things as the reality of the truth opened up to me. Most of the websites where you will be guest posting ,are owned by individuals who today despite their very high Domain authority might decide to close the site, sell the site, change site concept are you willing to let that happen? No? I thought so, but guess what? It's not in your power to control that, you honestly can't keep track of them. You can't tell them what to do all you will realise is how badly it has affected you. You will visit your Amoz tool one day and after that check on some Negative (-) score and wonder to your self why. That is the reality of what might Happen with most the sites you are guest posting on today and you should always prepare for such things cause as it is of now I'm certain you are losing yourself with this backlink madness while you should be busy doing things that really matter for your Website.

Ranking a Small music Website and it's Challenges with Blacklinks

My website Keepit Music is relatively small, I have managed to get over 100,000 vistors to it in a period of 2 months and it was all thanks to creating content good content and not this backlinks chasing frezy. I think to me it's a crazy concept to chase backlinks while you can use your brain to allow them to come to you naturally by creating content that matter and allow others to share the content so that you can maintain your site authority and relevance as backlinks are concerned.

Keepit Music difficulty came when I realised about this other side of the internet Backlinks, think of me as someone who had never known sin but all the sudden got Exposed to a notion that could soon absorb my being to render me useless than I really am. 

First Day learning About Backlinks

My first day learning about backlinks introduced me to more  problems than Solving them. I have friends who have DA 12 and they hardly cared about backlinks all they did was create content on their site and let life worry about it self yet I was so into trying to site build that I lost my winning way of being able to generate over 10,000 visitors in 24 hours to my website were by the work I was so much into backlinks have gotten me 0% traffic so far . And seeing the work I had put in this link building stupid concept just made me realise how stupid I have been as a person and I worry most of you might be going through the same dillema.

Meeting people online made me realize something

I generally like using Facebook both for business and communication and at random intervals commune with strangers, so I became friends with this Napel Guy. Who interestingly had  a website with a domain authority of over 60 DA that is quite a high number for a person and I understandingly know reaching such a mark is not easy yet something shocked me, It somehow seemed as though my site was the site with a lot of traffic and he was adoring my site traffic more than he would his shocked me because due to the belief of SEO and backlinks he should be getting more attention than me more better Ranking and obviously the thing that we all want he should be making more money than me but that was not really the case. To my surprise I was the one getting almost everything well than him and it made me worry 

Worry if, I'm chasing a stupid dream, if I had done a mistake leaving my own unique Workin style of a style that is leaving people depressed and Making most give up, because the truth is getting a backlink is not easy and you literally become a slave trying.

High authority Domain hard to get?

You know I will be vocal on this one, to hell with them, you try your best but thru are just not Caring. Yes they got lucky they own the hottest website online but that doesn't mean you do not have potential to compete with them not do you lack intellectually. I'm not accusing them of anything bad but they might have bought there way to the top and you have written something you think it could be good to have them replace their link with yours,and they see your email and decide not to reply. 

Experiences like these hurt so much and they are very discouraging. You haven't only wastes your time in creating an email but dissapointed hopes does leave lasting scars, I prefer sticking to your pride than have it blussed by someone else. It is big worth the effort , if you keep creating engaging content make you site work for you they will eventually come and read things and share your content as you write things they can't avoid even when they try, so be patient and keep Working. One day at a time you shall Achieve.

Losing backlinks how painfully it hurts

Losing backlinks hurts so much. Imagine at one point you feel like you are on top of the world and the other you are down on your feet hitting the ground being in the mud you tried to avoid. The feeling is much worse when You're having a fresh new site like Mine Keepit Music

Apart from wasting my life chasing stupid things like Backlinks I lost the ones I had found and it was a very big painful experience,it sucks seeing the negatives  representing the backlinks you have worked so hard for only to lose for no Good reason.

With my experience spare your self depression and  avoid being deluded by such bahaviors as chasing backlinks it is not worth your time nor effort, a good Website is a good Website you will get your traffic you will get your closure and fame time if you keep Making content that is engaging and when people start to share it you shall then get the backlinks you need Naturally. Why work so hard and at the end lose it all like Sad?

Statics should teach you what your winnings strategy is 

I know you have experience in the growth of a business or product and treat your website as such a product you know and are aware for a fact when things are no Working as planned like for me,my site hitting 100,000 in just 2 months was very exciting and  I knew I had something good going on but when I shifted my focus I lost a huge part of me. 

Chasing Backlinks Is more Depressing than it is rewarding. I was being disheartened seeing Others have good domain Ratings but it made me forget I had more traffic than them so by difficult I was really heading in the right direction and would soon supper most of them if I kept doing what ever it was that which I was doing.

Moz And Semrsush are All expensive Tools

Keepit Music at the time of writting this post is a relatively young Website and I do not intend to invest in Amoz with there $380 per month pricing my website does not even generate thousands of dollars a month and I should spend 380$ looking at Statics of my compettion that shall end up Depressing me? No thank you , the free tool a month is enough for any new website and maybe it is necessary to purchase the product after the site shows promise but if you are a website owner buying the tool to just keep an eye on your  14 backlinks you are flowing money away.


I could love to say much and my words and feelings on this are endless, I'm thinking of even writting a book about it. Yet as of now it's best to end the matter here . My thoughts on backlinks are , the best way to get backlinks is to create content and let that content attract backlinks Naturally.  Whatever it is that people have told you shall stress you and harm your Website as you might not have time to work on your site as you would be too busy with backlinks.

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