How to get AdSense Approval and Why it's important for your website

Adsense is the top leading ads publisher in the world and it pays decent amount of Money to website owners. Yet to be approved by Google adsense is not easy since Google is super strict and tend to reject most applications. Google has things like Ads limit bans, Google Adsense can also supsend accounts for invalid clicks. Read this article to learn how you can get Approved on Adsense and also keep your account safe from Adsense invalid traffic.

How to get AdSense Approval and Why it's important for your website
How to get AdSense Approval and Why it's important for your website

Adsense is amazing and at times it pays very handsomely. Adsense is an ad publisher company that is owned by Google. Google AdSense is the top leading ad publish company in the world. When it comes to picking an ads publishers Website most Businesses go for Google Adsense but not everyone is accepted by Google AdSense since they might not meet the minimum requirements of Google Adsense. In this article, I will show you how you can get approved by Google AdSense and get your site monetarized so that you can easily start making money.

The requirements that Google Adsense needs before you are approved

Domain age and readability

You might realise Google Adsense is a legitimate business and Google values professionalism. They will not accept your website if you just registered your Domain a few Months ago. Try to apply when it is 3 months old or even a Year. In addition, the name of your Domain also plays a virtual role in AdSense approval please when you are registering your domain name at places like GoDaddy make sure you get something decent please bear in mind that domain names that have been previously banned by Google from being monetized by Google AdSense won't get accepted.

Decent Website design also helps to get a website approved for Adsense

Adsense has never disapproved of me every time I apply because my website designs are honestly very professional. people get regretted when they apply for Google AdSense because their website design is ugly.

When you apply for AdSense people check how your website looks like and how its performance on multiple platforms which includes Mobile view and desktop website  view (PC)

These are all crucial for your approval.  Websites with poor UXI get regretted by the Google Adsense team because they are considered unprofessional and therefore every unprofessional thing is thus worthless for Google Adsense.

You can get approval by getting a very good and professional Design or makeover for your website. You can even try downloading themes or other website scripts from marketing places like Envato to get yourself started on earning and monetization with Google Adsense.

Websites with little and unhelpful content get rejected by Google Adsense

AdSense account acceptance can be hard and tricky but we often make it very hard ourselves. Thousands of people are rejected by Google AdSense and they are often at times frustrated by that yet it is their own fault that makes them get rejected. For instance, they have poor content on their website and also not a lot of content has been posted. 

This is a big blow to the website owner, Google Adsense goal is to help businesses that are valuable earn money from their Hardwork and a bad website with little to no content does not fit in the category of a website that will be accepted by Google Adsense. 

To try your luck with AdSense I suggest you start writing articles with at least 1,000 words and they should be at least 30 of them, in Total only apply for AdSense monetization on your website when you have approximately 30,000 words on your site. Of course, they approved me with less but just be on the safer side.

Another Google Adsense approval factor is Traffic

Your website traffic communicates to the Google AdSense approval team whether you deserve approval or not. Google Adsense is an ad Publishers company. Advertisers pay Google to help them show ads across various websites that partnered with Google Adsense. You are a publisher your website must have good real traffic and it's to this traffic that your ads will be displayed to.

Websites with 7 to 0 traffic a day have nothing to offer to Google Adsense hence you might get rejected by Google AdSense and fail to start earning money through Google AdSense monetization.

Remember Google AdSense pays you 65% and it gets 45%. With Google Adsense, there are terms like CPC which means cost per click and this means the money you will make when someone clicks your ads, in addition, Google Adsense also pays $1 per 1,000 impressions. 

Bad habit's that Might cause Google to Ban your Website or Put you on Ads Limit

Google Adsense itself Is a business and like any business, they also fire being worthless and at times getting hacked or cheated on. Yes, Google Adsense can be fooled and cheated on but this is unethical and might lead to suspension of your Google account which in our case we do not want that to happen.

Avoid getting people to click your ads for you 

Getting your family to click your ads is by far the quickest way to generate that passive income once you are monetarized by Google Adsense but it is also considered as stealing and scamming or frauding the advertisers.

These people pay money for their ads to show and the moment you Click without buying the money they have in their ads account is subtracted without being used for its intended purposes.

In this case, your family members are doing this not to buy a certain product from the ads but the moment they click on them advertiser money is subtracted.

Using bit generated traffic and clicks is forbidden by Google Adsense

Google Adsense forbids a lot of things but this one is among the most diboride. It involves someone buying or purchasing an ads clicker robot. One of the robots that make a prominent impression on people is one called traffic spirit. This robot called traffic Spirit is made to scam Google AdSense out of its money by driving bot traffic to your website and also giving your Adsense account clicks from places like Germany, the USA, UK.

Clicks from these nations are worth a lot of money hence people who use this bot earn up to $50/hr through AdSense but once Google finds out they might completely suspend your Google Adsense account.

Invalid clicks, referral traffic and sudden Traffic drop can get your Adsense account on ad limit of a possible ban

Invalid clicks for Adsense, means either you or a bot the likes of Traffic spirit are clicking your ads. 

Referral traffic is any website visitor you get from social media platforms. This is different from organic traffic which comes from (SEO) or search engine optimization. Referral traffic can lead to a ban because it might be considered that it's paid. Unless Google Adsense understands your traffic source you might risk getting the Ad limit ban from time to time.

Lastly, sudden traffic drop does lead to AdSense ban I experienced this myself a post went viral on Facebook and once the link was broked Adsense placed an Ads Limit ban on my AdSense account


Follow through with my Ideas and you will get your Adsense approval. If you do it rightly Adsense AdSense accounts are approved in less than 3 Days.